Earth Child

A few days back, I was in the workshop, trying to rig up an experiment for my Erdkinder (“earth children’ in german, ‘adolescents’ in Montessoriese, children in the age band 12-15 years).

Presently two little heads pop up thru the crack in the door, suitably armed with chubby cheeks and big eyes. Eminently edible, I thought!

They want to know whether they can come in, and I wave them in.

So these two 4.5 year olds land up (one, my son) and are very curious about what I am doing. I tell them and ask the other child – Okay young man, where do you live.

I expect a mundane or a routine answer such as a Kalyan nagar or a Koramangala or a Hennur – and keep whittling the piece of wood that I was working on.

But the child says – Earth!


Truly a world citizen, I think – so aware at the tender age of four and a half!

How many times in one’s life that one is suddenly ambushed by the innocence and wisdom of the children. I felt so privileged….

Apparently, their adult (‘teacher’ in  Montessoriese) in their environment (‘class room’ in Montessoriese) had been singing them a song about the solar system and a line was there to the effect that we live on Earth.

What a cute internalization!

I see that the gestalt effect has gotten completely watered down in this post – but you know what I mean…

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  • Uma Naren  On November 27, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Hi Ramjee,

    Is Namma Shaale a ‘Pure Montessori School’?? What I mean is,do they have a ‘Primary and Secondary Elementary’ followed by Earth School operating in mixed age groups?

    I intend to visit Namma Shaale the next week.(with prior permission) for which I’m looking for contact info.

    Please be kind enough to mail me contact info or other details you may have on the school. I am unndertaking this trip for the school visit.(I’m a resident of Chennai). I shall be really grateful if you could mail me details asap.


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