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On education

I have reproduced verbatim, an email from Ananthuji of Navadarshanam, forwarding a thought provoking article by David Orr. The quality & thougtfulness of Ananthuji’s emails are always very good and nice. Good content, worth reflecting on…

—— begin quote —–

Dear friends,

We educated people naturally assume that education is a good thing. We always strive to give our children the best possible education. Educating the poor and illiterate is often seen as a great social service.

But is education the way it is currently structured all that good? Prof. Ramachandra Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi as well as Rajaji, and a great educator himself, had once bemoaned our stress on the three Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic), and suggested that these need to be replaced by a stress on the three Es – Ethics, Ecology and Enlightenment.

Another well-known educator, David Orr, has recently raised similar fundamental questions about the nature of our education.

I am reproducing his article below in the hope and belief that you will find it of interest.
Trustee, Navadarshanam Trust
What Is Education For? Six myths about the foundations of modern education, and six new principles to replace them – by David Orr
One of the articles in The Learning Revolution (IC#27) Winter 1991, Page 52, Copyright (c)1991, 1996 by Context Institute .

—— end quote —–

In Context magazine is truly one of the nicest things that ever happened (during 80s and 90s) and its web presence, tastefully captures every word of it. Peruse at your leisure, the back volumes, at the context institute website.


Visit: Hard Rain – a presentation by Mark Edwards

On 3rd Jan,  namma shaale erdkinder and some of us went for the Mark Edwards’ slideshow – Hard Rain. This was at the Raman Research Institute of Bangalore.

Mark is a well known photographer specializing in ‘environmental’ and ‘developmental’ themes and has been presenting this show for quite a few years – all over the globe.

He was introduced by Suprabha Seshan of Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary, who also delivered a nice presentation.

Our children are planning to come out with a report on the presentations, with their reflections.

Ahem, my very personal opinion about ‘hard rain’ is here.

towards holidays, notes & stuff

Towards the close of yesterday ( 31st december, 2008 ) the kids had a busy time, as the whole school, IMHO, had been converted into a greetings card factory. All children (including children of OUR parents) were busy coloring, painting, spraying, cutting, writing and all the other sundry and rainwet *ings – creating cute little ‘new year greeting cards’ – that everyone took home. The brownian motion of the kids running about the school grounds, each holding aloft his/her card was quite nice to watch…

The whole gang of teachers from Namma Shaale is planning to go for the AMI 26th International Montessori Congress, which is being held in Chennai, this year – during the course of next week. Let us wish a productive networking and a nicetime at the conference for our folks… May be with any luck, they’d remember to bring some delectable junk from “The Grand Sweets & Snacks’ of Adyar, Chennai. Yum.

The school is closed from 3rd to 18th of Janauary, 2009 – and will again start with a bang on 19th.

Let us wish  ourselves a peaceful ‘english’ new year.

Mini-seminar on Logarithms

Today, the erdkinder conducted & participated in an internal seminar on logarithms – the audience for the event being, the upper elementary children and staff.

The erdkinder covered the history to geography (earthquakes, Richter scale) to much else of logs and it was nice to hear them talk with confidence – though the subject matter they covered was probably well beyond the secondary levels, AND given the short notice that they were provided with.

They were given a feedback on the content and style of their ‘talks’ as also some clarifications and various facets of logarithms. (some of these are reserved for a later post)