towards holidays, notes & stuff

Towards the close of yesterday ( 31st december, 2008 ) the kids had a busy time, as the whole school, IMHO, had been converted into a greetings card factory. All children (including children of OUR parents) were busy coloring, painting, spraying, cutting, writing and all the other sundry and rainwet *ings – creating cute little ‘new year greeting cards’ – that everyone took home. The brownian motion of the kids running about the school grounds, each holding aloft his/her card was quite nice to watch…

The whole gang of teachers from Namma Shaale is planning to go for the AMI 26th International Montessori Congress, which is being held in Chennai, this year – during the course of next week. Let us wish a productive networking and a nicetime at the conference for our folks… May be with any luck, they’d remember to bring some delectable junk from “The Grand Sweets & Snacks’ of Adyar, Chennai. Yum.

The school is closed from 3rd to 18th of Janauary, 2009 – and will again start with a bang on 19th.

Let us wish  ourselves a peaceful ‘english’ new year.

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  • Reshma  On January 8, 2009 at 4:36 am


    Happy New Year to all! I am in the land on Obama and Sanjeev’s prev. school folks want to see some photos of Namma Shaale


  • Ramjee Swaminathan  On January 8, 2009 at 7:37 am

    Hello there…

    The jpegs will soon come to a place near your ip network, please wait. (school is on vacation, we are saving daylight for use in the nighttime; have PV will offgrid)

    Happy new ear to you too – but I do think my years are old. Dont you think my age tells on my insanity. 😎


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