welcome aboard, parents…

Dear fellow-parents:

Thanks for visiting the blog.

Whenever a few parents (like us, for example) of children that go to
NammaShaale  met, we have always discussed about creating a forum for
exchanging of ideas and opinions about ‘education’ in general and
NammaShaale in particular.  And, this is an effort in that direction.

We thought, we would just begin a blog – at wordpress.com – an
opensource site that is clutter and ad free; this effort has been going on for the past 2 months or so and now, I feel the time has come to ‘talk of cabbages and kings’ and spread the news around…

If you peruse the site, you would see that there are many categories –
such as news, request-for-comments, visit report, elementary,
erdkinder etc – as only one person has posted so far, it reflects only one
person’s view of the universe. But am sure, with contributions and
active participation from you folks, it could become the bulletin
board of a vibrant community. Since this blog is regularly read by folks from the ‘management’ of the school as well as staff, I suppose there could be healthy and effective interchange of memes…

We understand that, the parents’ community is generally busy, what
with the pressures of having to ‘earn a living’ etc – but we would like to think
that we always have enough time to share and spare, if anything has to
do something with the wellbeing of our children. Hence I suppose, you
can start participating, what?

As such, the basic rules that of course all of us will obey, would be
the following:

1. The content should have lots of those fundamental particles called
cluons. (Meaning, the content will respect the time and energy of its readers and will seek to be clueful, always.)

2. No ad hominem stuff, Never. (There would not be any personal attacks and venting of spleen)

3. We are free to crib and complain as long as we actually do something to address it. Giving positive suggestions is absolutely fine and welcome, And if that can be accompanied by what one can and will do, to implement the suggestion, that would be more welcome. As Yoda (of Starwars fame) says: TRY? there is NO try. Only DO or no do.

4. If one chooses to post as an ‘anonymous’ person (this itself is not
an issue) and if the post/comment violates the three above, then the
admin would intervene.

Please feel free to post your comments. If you want to contribute or
be an editor , please contact me at ‘ramjee dot swaminathan at gmail dot com’; for the time being I would be the admin of the site and if any of the parents also wants to be the admin, we can share the responsibility or I can transition it in toto. Whatever that works.

If you don’t want to be a contributor (in the formal sense of the
term), but still want to publish something of relevance, please do
contact me. We will try to take things further, as meaningfully as

Some links:

Who are we – https://nammashaale.wordpress.com/what-is/
December 2006 archives – https://nammashaale.wordpress.com/2008/12/
January 2009  archives – https://nammashaale.wordpress.com/2009/01/

Your comments and suggestions to make the blog an effective medium and
as a vehicle for discussion and issues-resolution  – are most welcome.

Speacial thanks to Rama, Jayashree, Reshma  and Sowmya for their feedback.

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