Auroville workshop on ‘Exploring a Sustainable Future’

This is an announcement regarding a workshop that is  being anchored by Prof R Rajagopalan, a friend of NammaShaale. Please feel free to contact him, if you want to know more or signup for the workshop. His contact details are furnished in the announcement.

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Exploring a Sustainable Future

A 6-day Workshop at Auroville

April 6 – 11, 2009 

What is Auroville?

Auroville is a universal township, located in Tamil Nadu, India, about 8 km from the town of Puducherry (Pondicherry). Auroville is recognised as the first and only internationally-endorsed ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness, also concerned with – and practically researching into – sustainable living and the future cultural, environmental, social and spiritual needs of mankind. 

The Auroville community has experimented with many sustainable technologies since it was founded in 1968 and has a solid basis of achievement in the areas of reforestation, renewable energy, appropriate building technologies, water and sanitation, including decentralized wastewater treatment systems. (For more information on Auroville, look up the website: 

What is the workshop about?

‘Exploring a Sustainable Future’ introduces some of the Auroville technologies and explores an integral approach to sustainable practices. This includes exploring inner sustainability, without which humanity will not be able to achieve a permanent change of consciousness.  

The workshop includes theoretical sessions, practical demonstrations and site visits. In the classroom sessions, we will cover topics such as environmental crisis, concepts of sustainability, water harvesting, wastewater treatment, solar energy, earth construction, food, community-building and wellness. We will take you on visits to see practical applications of sustainable principles. You will also get an opportunity to experience activities that explore the inner dimension. 

We presume that you are coming to the workshop because you are concerned with the state of the world and are looking for solutions. We will do our best to widen your perspectives – about the world, the state of the environment, your society, your lifestyle, and yourself. One week is too short a period to effect deep changes, but we want to show you what is possible. We believe that ideas, technologies, and practices are less crucial than the effort to change one’s mindset. 

The workshop will be an intensive one with sessions from 8.45 am to 9.00 pm every day. You will have some group assignments too. 

What will the workshop NOT cover?

The workshop is not a detailed training programme on any of the technologies being experimented with in Auroville. If you only want to learn the technology of earth construction, ferrocement, solar energy, etc., skip this workshop and look for the specialised courses offered from time to time in Auroville.  

Who will be the workshop faculty?

The sessions will be handled by an interdisciplinary group of Auroville residents, assisted by some external faculty. 

Any other details?

The workshop is limited to 25 participants and will be conducted in English. Boarding and shared accommodation will be provided in Auroville at the Center Guest House, Centre Field, Auroville, located at the very centre of Auroville not far from Matrimandir. You can reach Auroville by the East Coast Road from Chennai (2.5 hours). It is about 8 km from Puducherry.  

Participants are expected to arrive on Sunday 5th April around 4 pm and leave on Saturday 11th April after lunch around 2 pm.  

Could I bring others with me as non-participants?

We are sorry we cannot accommodate non-participant family members, children, or friends. You are welcome to visit Auroville with them on a later occasion.  

What is the workshop fee and how does one make the payment?

The workshop fee is Rs 9500/- including boarding and lodging from Sunday evening (5th April) until Saturday afternoon (11th April). Please make the payment through a cheque payable to ‘Auroville Maintenance Fund’. Drafts should be made payable at Pondicherry (or Puducherry). 

If you are very keen on attending the workshop, but cannot afford the full fee, give us reasons why we should offer you a partial scholarship. 

How do I register for the workshop?

For registration, kindly complete the attached form and send it with your payment to the following member of the workshop team: 


292, First Cross

6th Block, BEL Layout


Bangalore – 560 097

Tel:  080 2364 5178

Mobile: 094488 49591


Send a copy of your application by email.  

Applications and payment should reach Prof.Rajagopalan at the latest by March 15, 2009. You will receive an immediate email confirmation. If your application is received after we are full, we will have to regretfully return your cheque.

— end —

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