hindi day, that was…

Oh yeah. We had celebrated our own hindi diwas at NammaShaale, a few weeks back, of course.

But I had to wait for some good photographs from some volunteer before I could post about that. Nice excuse, eh?

Now, I always wonder about this. Folks (mea culpa, myself included) always keep clicking photos away to glory during any event (there would be incessant flashes, distracting the shy performers on stage- with doting dad/mom photographers plonking themselves right in between the audience and the performers, annoying the audience too, just in case the hapless audience feel left out), but rarely do the photos see the light of any day, almost never get shared and if they get shared, they come in a deluge of ‘see my babloo’s doing potty, you can see babloo’s pappa’s hand ‘ kind of horrendous flickr images (and their ilk) and mindnumbing drivel – mostly from pesky relatives with nothing better to do or from friends wanting to show off their latest trip to a Pattaya or a Serengeti. Sheesh!

Die, you mindlessly pointless images. May you files get corrupted!

On the otherhand, the storage of the ‘Texas chainsaw mutant monster ninja massacre photo album of your second cousin, thrice removed, now actually removed to California, returns this time via picasaweb, the photo host, Mommmieeeee’ requires that there be more buying of storage & assorted hardware – and so the gross national products of our nations go up, in these times of net negative growth of our economies. Really gross indeed! As I harrangue the erdkinder, there is never a case of complete, unadulterated badness – there is always a goodside to any bad thing.

… With the advent of ‘digital’ cameras and their poor & multitudinous cousins – the cell phone cameras, my problems have become more chronic and complicated; suddenly everyone is armed & dangerous with some picture capture device or the other and voila, has become a photographer… Not that I am an elitist, but what I ask is reasonably constant ‘striving for excellence.’ Is it too much to ask for?

But, sirs and ma’ams, with digital cameras, there is no need to understand frames, no any techniques of taking photos, no science, no learning, no nothing, no shraddha no botheration at all.

Click Click Click.

Copy Copy Copy.

Send Send Send.

Recharge Recharge Recharge.

Important: Don’t wait. Don’t observe. Don’t even pause to look at your photos. We are all going to die anyway. Sun will soon become a red giant. grrrr

But, my erdkinder would ask, Where is the Overlay? Where is the aesthetics? Where is the taste?

Gotta get back to the topic. (am still recovering from the after effects of seeing images of the likes of ‘babloo & co in front of Mount Rushmore, during Fall. ‘ Sincerely, I pray that that the child does not end up with multiple fractures. All I want to say is: Unmount. Quiten down. Move less. Above all, spare me…)

… Young Namrata is the one helping the NammaShaale children with Hindi – and she is doing a commendable job of it. One of the proofs of her good work is, in fact, living with us.

Namrata with a child

Namrata with a child

It appeared as if months of preparation went in to organize the day – the 7th of February, 2009! Generalizing from the sample size of exactly one, I would say that the parents were also harassed, with the daily (nay, hourly) rehearsals of whatever the child wanted to do on stage. In fact, given half-a-chance, I would have participated in the HindiDay and would have very easily stood-in for my child – what with the incessant practice that I got…

… Children were busy preparing charts, recitations, skits etc etc for daze, believe me – and every child (excepting the ones from the primary environment) participated with much gusto.  Hmmm, No, I remember that, midway through the programme,  a particularly vociferous (& confident) gang of primary children (led by an able young thing) trotted upto Namrata and forced her to allow them to sing a Hindi song, though they were not part of the plan at all! Apparently, thanks to young Anjana, the little ones have been singing all kinds of songs for quite a while, regular full-throated practice and all that – and hence they too wanted to showcase their provess with Hindi.

The hardwork and dedication of Namrata, shone through the entire programme. May her good (and of course, hard) work continue…

Thanks to Vinod, a NammaShaale parent (and a NammShaale husband too, as his wife Anjana is the ‘adult’ for the primary environment) – we have quite a few nicely clicked (and selected)  photos of the event; he has posted them at: http://nammashaalehindidiwas2009.shutterfly.com/. Of course, there are no additional marks for guessing who that little young man wearing the ‘cream coloured’ Kurtha is…

Every language has its day.

I think Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam (and may be some Ahom and Bangla too, why not) day celebrations are not far behind.  It is  such a nice thing about diversity – whether it is about species or beliefs or thoughts or whatever. There are so many things to celebrate.

Life is one loooong celebration, truly and verily!

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