India Geography Quiz

Erdkinder forded the following quiz, a few days back. This is the first round of the quiz. Guess, you can figure out the answers yourself.

Like any self respecting quiz, there are a couple of red herrings too. So fish carefully.

— begin —

Attempt all questions. It is YOUR homeland, and you would do your best. Remember Overlays. All information is overlay on raw data and nothing else… Paranthecated numbers indicate marks carried by questions.

Time 45 minutes                                                                                   Max marks: 100
                                                      Happy answering!

1. Name ALL the Indian states that border Pakistan.  (4)
2. Name ALL the Indian states that border Bangladesh.(4)
3. Name ALL the countries with which India shares its borders. (7)
4. Which state in India has the maximum number of foreign neighbors- name the neighbors too.  (5)
5. What is the southernmost point of India? Where is it? (2)
6. Which state of India has the longest coastline? (2)
7. Name the 7 sisters – the North-eastern states – and two cities/towns that are NOT their capitals in each? (14)
8. Which state of India has 36 in its name? (2)
9. Name the Indian states through which the river Brahmaputra flows. (3)
10. Where is the India’s biggest lake? (2)
11. Name the all union territories starting with C and D. (4)
12. Name one city in India, that falls directly below the tropic of Capricorn. (2)
13. Name the state capital that is nearest Kanyakumari. (2)
14. There has been many a talk about joining the rivers – Kaveri and Ganga, thereby solving the problems of droughts in south India and floods in north India, in one stroke! What is the one major geological feature of India, that makes this linking/joining extremely difficult. (5)
15. Geologically speaking which mountain is likely to be older? Everest or Tirupathi hill? Why? (4)
16. Name the tallest mountain peak in India. (2)
17. Name the longest mountain range exclusively in India which is aligned with the east-west direction. (2)
18. Name the longest Indian river that flows from east to west. (2)
19. What are the latitude and longitude of Bangalore? (4)
20. Name the union territories that are entirely surrounded by water bodies. (2) 84
21. Name the most drought prone (not much rain, arid region, too hot, very little water etc) state in India. (2)
22. Which state is so beautiful that it is named the ‘temple/abode of the clouds?’ Which state is named after the Sun because it gets to see the Sun first, everyday, compared to the rest of India? (4)
23. North to South, East to West – what are the maximum distances in India? (4)
24. Which state in India has the maximum number of rivers flowing from east to west? (2)
25. Name two tributaries each of Ganga and Kaveri. (4)

— end —

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  • Anjana  On March 29, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Great questions! Especially liked the 8th one.( pity the erd kinder who didn’t know names of nos. in hindi)
    Won’t even bother attempting the ques.

    Boy am I glad that U weren’t my geography teacher:)

  • Ramjee Swaminathan  On March 29, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Nice to ‘see’ you in this netherworld, Anjana, and hope you checked out the ‘Africa, Africa’ entry too.

    Actually Anjana, I am not teacher anything, more a cheater than anything else!

    Feel to comment / critique / escoriate, whatever…


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