Theatre performance…

Manjunath, directing the school 'adults' - in a rendition of an impromptu skit

Manjunath, directing the school 'adults' - in a rendition of an impromptu skit

Manjunath, the indegatigable and spirited dramatist, has been one of the nice things to happen to NammaShaale.

He has been working with the children and has been training them in various aspects of theatrecraft. In his earlier avatars, he was a Banker, English teacher etc etc. Now, he is a full time theatre trainer/enthusiast working with children from various schools. I know it for a fact that he also is comfortable with a variety of musical instruments such as flute, violin, mridangam, veena… not to mention his creative outpourings that are implemented through children. (one of these days, we would have a post devoted to this gentleman)

Some parents may recall that it has been a regular practice, for the past few terms, to have his eager trainees showcase their skills and wares – during the last week of the term. 

I am almost sure that, in this term also we would have one such ‘do’ – and so, may I request you parents to please be present on that day to cheer your children and to get to see the fruits of good work done by Manjunath?

I know that the official announcement is yet to happen and I hope it will happen. I am also aware that a lot of things / groundwork have to be done for hosting the event, amidst the flurry of other activities and detailed and individual report-making that are going on, even as I type in this post… So am keeping all my fingers crossed. 😎

But, I know that the children are all well prepared/rehearsed and have been sweating it out for quite a while now… May be we would get to see Manjunath’s wards in action again, after all!

Incidentally, Young Manjunath has been brought to you (um, Nammashaale) by the efforts of Jayashree Janardhan Ashok; of course, the school has also been peacefully accommodative of the theatre activities and much else.

Thanks for all the fish.

May be I should begin a category/tag called ‘gossip?’ 🙂

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  • Reshma  On March 27, 2009 at 11:50 am

    Manjunath Anna

    Your work has truly been a great support for Sanjeev – Chigurkonda!!

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