education: questions and answers – part 2

This is a continuation (!) – the second part –  of the abomination titled  ‘education: some questions and answers’ and continues in the same vein. Is it all in vain?

For those who came in late, the first part is here: – in case you want to check that out,  or just to get  my own warped context…

—– begin, again —-

Sometimes, the children are also brought in for the erudite discussions on ‘education’ or ‘bringing up children’ and it would be interesting to see the tensions between the parents and the children, with the latter just wanting to just be and the parents wanting them to become this or that….

It also took a while for me to figure out that there is a schism that exists between folks that pronounce education as ‘e ju cation’ and others that do ‘e doo cation!’ – the former are normally normal and show no strange symptoms, BUT, the latter are invariably afflicted by accents and the few months that they perhaps got to stay in the ‘States’ – but inside them, it is the same familiar good ol’ emptiness – ha, it takes one to know one andl all that…

Perhaps, I think I should title this series – ‘Frequently AVOIDED questions on e DOO cation,’ yeah?

By the way, this is one of my strong pet peeves. This ‘States’ and ‘Rainwater Harvesting’ ways of referring to phenomena and concepts – and you may, at your peril, read the semi-rant off:

words, words…

Au contraire, there are good & sensible folks who use these jargons too – perhaps because of some environmental pollution – so,  pardon them my lord, I mean myself, the megalomaniac that I am!

So, out here we are talking about the ‘e doo cated’ folks.

One day Mr Litany (one of my illustrious ex-colleagues, not really missed) and his Woe (eminently missable missus) land up, and business happens as usual – the usual whine about bad traffic, bad roads, the ‘recession,’ the works; we slowly veer over to the inevitable topic of children, with the duo some times gushing over their child’s talents and some times gnashing their teeth. I listen with increasing impatience.

She: My son has a problem getting up punctually at 4.00 AM in the mornings, I don’t know what to do.

Me: Huh? Ma’am, yeah, I agree with you, waking up early in the mornings is good, Brahma Muhurtham and all that… Does he go to sleep late, like 9 PM every night? Why don’t you advise him to go to sleep at 7:30 PM or thereabouts? Then, may be he can get his quota of sleep?

She: NO, you don’t understand. He goes to sleep at 11 PM every night. He needs to work hard, real hard. He is already SEVEN, dammit! And, he is our only son. If this child were a daughter, we would not have minded, as anyway we would have gotten her married off when she is 20, so we wouldn’t have needed to ‘invest’ in her.. <wrings her hands>

Me: But ma’am, don’t you think the child needs at least some 8 hours of sleep? This is an age when children run around a lot, they grow up fast and they need sufficient amounts of rest. And, I strongly feel that girls are good, if not better than so many pampered wastrel-boys that I happen to know! <In sotto voce> what a rabid male chauvinistic pig, this woman is…

She: Oh no, you don’t understand the competitive, dog-eat-dog world that we are living in. I want my child to go to IIT and then to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. So, we are not allowing our child to run around and waste his energy playing silly games like ‘hide and seek.’ Seriously, I am working with his max and signs skills everyday for two hours each, I have a Ph D in EDUCATION, you know?

Me: Huh? Ma’am, please work with him min, NOT max. He will become a Mad Max otherwise, he will ride a Harley Davidson, wear leather straps and tattoos and sadly may look like Aamir Khan’s sharp Khan in Ghajini (argh!), instead of looking merely sharp; he may forever look menacingly funny like those Aamir Khan posters for Ghajini… He will become PUNKtual and not punctual in whatever he does, if you keep harassing him no-end like this… By the way, has your son shown some signs of being interested in science already? Remarkable, intriguing… Wow!

She: From next year, we want to train him vigorously for getting in to a coaching class, as the entry standards to that coaching class are verrrry high and there is super competition to get in to it; by 9, he will take the Road Test to get into this training of StartUpZip; we are sacrificing so much to make sure that he clears the Road Test.

He: You want to know what for? The training that he would get, after he clears his Road Test – will be a good one for the entrance exam ‘Sidewalk Test’ of Raw Study Circle – he can take the special tuition of RSC and it would coach him for the entrance examination ‘Gate Test’ of another training school – Brilliant Prep School – and BPS would train him to clear another entrance test ‘Doormat Test’ to get into another tuition center – Aggravatedwal Classes – that will in turn train him to take another entrance test with the famed FightJEE – this entrance test to get into FightJEE – is called ‘Doorbell Test’ – this is a very competitive one, and it is really able to select and sieve only la crème de la crème of the aspiring and perspiring students…

<I get dizzy and hold on to the arm rest of my chair for my dear life and say, weakly> Go on Litany & Woe <gasp!>

She: FightJEE has a KickAssJEE programme – this would be for two years at the end of which our son will take the actual JEE – Joint Entrance Examination for IITs and will get a very good rank…

<She turns to the boy, who desperately wants to be merely left alone and be allowed to read some Bligthed Enid literature and Pippi LongStocking, being only 7 years old; unfortunately, his parents only stock books like ‘Brain teasers for your central brain,‘ ‘Inside nuclear bombs for 8 year olds,’ ‘How to clear entrance exams,’ ‘Learn to programme, yesterday!,’ ’ ‘Seven toilet habits of highly effective Toddlers,’ ‘What they don’t teach you in the Kindergarten‘ etc etc — and asks>
She: You will study in IIT, won’t you?’

<the child realizes that the only way for him to get out of the clutches of his asinine parents, is to just say yes vigorously, he must have had practice saying so and anyway wears Nike sneakers too – and tries to run away; but the mother catches him by his scruff and asks>

She: Okay Beta, what do you want to study in IIT Chennai?

<the child’s eyes freeze momentarily but he says> NANOTECHNOLOGY <and, actually manages to run away; mom gives a proud smile, the cretinish father beams – with yours truly wanting to hoist the bloody father onto the ceiling of his home!>

Me: IITs are good ma’am, at least they used to be good, but they are probably not worth taking so much trouble, definitely not so early & tender in life. Don’t make him wilt. Anyway, the child seems very smart (actually I meant smarting) to me and when the time comes, he will clear any exam it if he wants to…. Anyway, he also has significant support in his Max and Signs from a Ph D, that too in education!

She: We think this is the case of the famous sour grapes theory. Just because you could not manage to get in to an IIT in spite of your hardwork, you can’t rubbish the system. I thought your views were balanced, but apparently you are very biased. May be you are an anti-elitist and a dirty communist. And, may be stupid too…May be it is all in the genes. So we can’t really blame you

Me: You may be correct. But still, it does not mean that you should treat YOUR child like this! How difficult it must be for your child?

She: But, but… Gyan’s pappa has been reading Brilliant Tutorials’ ‘Young Genius Files’ and assorted Do-it-yourself manuals to him, ever since Gyan was in my WOMB. Even Guan’s pappa is from IIT you know, and he even got a good CGPA… But I don’t even know where you studied. May be you are from some small town goverrnment school and so you may not have got exposure to modern technologies and research aspects of educational psychology! It shows, I tell you… poor you. But I wonder how you could have been a colleague of Gyan’s pappa! Were you serving in his office canteen or what?

He: Oh Woe, he is my personal friend… Let us not argue, I love eating idli-saambaar with him, and like the lovely South Indian Coffee he serves too!

Me: Oh not a problem, go on Srimathi Woe…

She: I was telling you about the womb you know… We have even named our son, Gyanjai. Knowledge will always win. There is so much competition already for the IIT entrance exam; it will be more as the population goes up –  that’s why we want to put extra pressure on the child, but you don’t understand these things at all… You want your children to become ONLY agriculturists, bleh! <turns to Father, but I interrupt>

Like Abhimanyu of Mahabharatha fame, you have only taught Gyan, how to get into the IIT system, when he was in your womb, but NOT how to get out of it, heh!

She: What do you mean? What happened to Abhimanyu?

<Father says really seriously, dreamily…> 

He: Gyan will definitely marry a good, ‘homely’ Tamilian Girl from a well-to-do family, with an IIT pedigree, who is also studying in MIT but at the same time having family values and would have been ‘domestically well trained’ and ‘sub sects no bar’ too. They will of course, settle down in ‘States’ after marriage. Our grandson will become a PICO technologist. We will make sure that we get ONLY a grandson. Medical Technology, you know! If my son does not get the Nobel price my grandson definitely will…

Me: So, have you also chosen a place where Gyanjai can be buried, rather prematurely, if and when he merely commits suicide or gorier still, when he does a Columbine? What the HELL! I am sure your son will go to MIT, because there is no other way for him to escape from you pushy and stupid idiots; but, let my wife and I pray to God, if she exists, that Gyan marries a really beautiful black girl from Jamaica. And that, they beget a cute little girl who would go marry some eligible young man from Outer Mongolia and become a happy mother and settle down near Ulan Bator…And may Gyan’s grand daughter translate Vladimir Nobokov’s works in Mongol and become a Lepidopterist of renown in Papua New guinea, and marry an young Guniean bachelor

And that, in the mean time, you two jerky automatons will be consigned to the dustbins of NRI sponsored Old Age Homes that abound in and around Chennai, and condemned to watch only Aamir Khan tearjerkers and eat Maggot Noodles the rest of your pathetic lives… To hell with you lunatic ring masters – where were you when God was handing out brains?. At that time were you preparing for some entrance exam to get into your mother’s wombs or what? Obviously spermicides didn’t help. I would have heartily supported the abortion of you two when you were still fetuses – less trouble to the universe that way. Sheesh!

—— x ——

He: My son is NOT reading any books at all. We want him to read a lot,  ‘pick up’ knowledge so he can participate in ‘Kaun Banega Borepathi’ and become a Mongrel Millionaire<looks at his wife; wife says>

She: How will my kitty party friends feel then, wow!

Me: What books do YOU read? At best, I have seen you reading menu cards in restaurants. Do you have any books at your penthouse apartment at all, you playboy & playgirl?

No, telephone directories DON’T count. Instead of spending 15-20 thousand rupees each on useless parties and hosting monster tamaashaas, if you invest in books, perhaps, that would work.

Be the change you wish to see, as Bapuji said.

Children are like sponges, they soak in the experience of living with you and internalize all that you do and not do. So, it is important for us to set good examples for them – we should become those good examples…I know it is very difficult, and not as easy as having sex, procreating, giving birth to children, but then…

—— x ——

She: Our daughter is not interested in music. We have tried with so many teachers, sent her to many music schools, but she does not seem to apply herself. Tell us what to do.

Me: What music are YOU interested in? I have only known you to listen to jingles for various ‘buy one get one free’ offers on the IdiotBox – each with a depressing 20 second duration, at best. Do you have or listen to any music worth speaking of at all?

NO, the FM radio 91.1 (help!) asinine gibberish does NOT count.

You start learning music or at least appreciating music; then your daughter may probably follow suit, if you haven’t damaged her sense of self worth already.

Be the change you wish to see. Or get suitably short changed in the process of life. I strongly believe in the karma theory. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword!

—— x ——

He: I want my son to become an engineer because I wanted to become one and couldn’t – financial reasons – my sisters needed to be married off and all that… So, I would hate to see my son letting go of the chance to do engineering, I have stashed away the required money and in any case, the dowry he will fetch when he weds, will more than compensate the losses or investment made by me…

Me: Your father perhaps wanted his son to have some common sense, but he can be pardoned for it. If you really had wanted to become an engineer, as opposed to, say a paper engineer from IIT, you could have pursued N other courses – like AMIE etc etc? Hell, if you want to be an engineer, you don’t even require a DEGREE! You work at it, and you become one. In fact of the many real engineers that I know, some of them personally, don’t have any second (post graduate) or third degree (Ph D) burns – but are reamarkable… Some of them haven’t even been to a primary school. And of course, most of them are ‘successful!’

But of course, I haven’t even seen you fixing any leak whatsoever, including that from your nose, and God knows from whereelse – leave alone even trying to fix plumbing bugs.  Can you even spell EngineEar properly?

Ever heard of Nicolo Teslas or Buckminster Fullers or our own Abdul Khader Imamsab Nadakattinas of the world? Or course you would not have! There are so many of them!  You only want to wallow in self pity. So your son will also follow suit, poor thing – family traditions and all that. This way, there is no chance of the entropy EVER coming down in the whole damn universe!

You provide choices, sir, CHOICES – the ability to be resourceful,  full of joy and self-esteem – to your children. Or better still, leave your kids alone. Or, may be you want your children to merely become just another prick in the wall? Sorry.

—— x ——

He: My son has a major stage fright, he does not want to perform on stage, we worked with him for such a long time practising and commenting and criticizing and encouraging; we want him to get stand up ovation and demands for encore from the audience, we think he also likes to get attention. But, but… you see, last week the school celebrated some event and Babloo should have participated, he was practicing to act like a HUNK aspiring to be a Hindi film star – but, but… he didn’t even want to goto the school  at the very last minute. He was in tears! What stupidity, YOU have such encouraging and hardworking parents, who know the psychology of children, and all that Babloo wants to do is sulk and cry. It is really HARD to believe that he is SEVEN years OLD! Oh how disappointed we are…
<high pitched wail, much chest beating, tearing of hair follows; his spouse with a major grouse joins>

She: I love to go on long drives during weekends in our brand new Ford Endeavor, but I sacrificed it all for this stupid son of mine, spent long hours repeatedly correcting him for each and everyone of his idiotic mistakes, thinking all our neighbours and especially my sister-in-law from New Jersey, will feel very jealous of us – really REALLY jealous of us, when they see photos of our Babloo dancing on statge! I had even charged three pairs of cells for our new digital camera, just in case, so that when we upload the pics of Babloo on to yahoo photos, the camera won’t die out.. I wonder why the hell did we go in for this child at all, I should have done an MTP – but this was a BOY, the Ultrasound guys told us!  Now look! What an uncooperative sulky brat he is! At least he could have done it at home when my sister-in-law came sailing in from her shopping trip on commercial street, no? NO! He did not do it then, either. What a loss of face! How my sister-in-law looked at me squarely in my eyes with a gleeful grin, the vixen! How sarcastic! What an ignominy! Ow, WwWHAT did I do to deserve this! *sniff* %^$#@*(

Me: Oh no, don’t YOU two start crying, as such Babloo is close to bursting; why torment the poor child … And don’t depress me too! This talking and sick blogging about ‘education’ and exclusive (and only) parental contributions of sperms and eggs towards parenting their children, is too much for me to bear. Let us move on to more interesting subjects. Do you like what you are working on, at office?

He: Oh yeah, I love it. I am working for PH Labs, the R &D division of the 100 billion dollar IT company, you know. And I have 8 patents in my name.

Me: Okay, this is your living room, don’t you worry. We haven’t met for quite a while now and my spouse barely even knows you, which I don’t know is good or bad. Can you show me how you work at your office? You can pretend that you are at work. My spouse & I would applaud if you do really well; we can take pictures of you performing for us – and host the pics on picasaweb and on Facebook! Don’t forget to make the sounds of the shredder and the sounds in the Men’s toilet. Oh wouldn’t it be lovely

You can also mimic the sounds of the air conditioner, aisle noises, Windows (© Microsoft) message music like DADangggG… won’t that be great

He: Oh, am not sure I can do this… er… um.. let me go to the bathroom. I like to work in my office, but erm…

Me: Ma’am – you can sit there on that couch and pretend that you are driving your Ford and you can also make all kinds of goofy noises – like when a chicken crosses the highway in front of you, you apply breaks suddenly, the vehicle comes to a screeching halt ‘keeeecccchhhh’ or does a barrel-roll, God forbid. Add all those impatient honkings and wailing sirens to engine hum to ‘reversing’ music to everything else; and may be you can also play the role of the always on FM radio with the constant gibbering monkey like prattle of the radio jokers… Oh won’t it be EXCELLENT! Please do, and we promise to applaud and ask for an encore.

We can even call your nemesis, I mean, your sister-in-law for the proceedings. Please, Puhlease

She: Oh, I just got a call on mobile…

Me: Okay, we are prepared to wait. We even promise to repeatedly correct you when you commit mistakes! Wow! This evening’s going to be fun

<stunned silence follows & curtains>

—— x ——

He: Could you suggest some books for us to read so that we could ‘handle’ our children properly?

Me: Oh yeah, there are quite a few books. I shall give you a short list – if you want a longer one, you know, I can always give more; oh Boy, am I not happy to hear that you too like books!

<am having a tough time bringing down my rolled up eyeballs, they must have got stuck under the eyebrows>

He: Yeah, I love books. I read two books recently, um, two years back to be honest, and I got a lot of ‘learning’ from them. Frankly, my whole perspective on life changed on reading them. I also recommend that you read them.

The first one is: Stolen Bovey’s ‘Seven habits of highly effective Sperms;’ – in fact I await Stolen’s forthcoming title ‘Seven habits of highly horrendous ghosts.’ You know, there are rumours that actually this book is being ghostwritten, by a REAL ghost with a degree in literature – but I am convinced that it can’t be… Mr Bovey will give up his ghost, than do these kinds of unprincipled acts, unless he can come up with Seven Unprinciples of ghastly writing. Seriously..

The second one is, Robbing Sharma’s ‘The Old Monk who sold his Bacardi’ – oh what a spiritual classic, this is… Though it is just quarter the size of books that are at the same price point, it is pegged at a higher price in spite of its pint size, because it is truly a great alcoHolistic book.

And between Robbing and getting Stolen, I really have no time to read any other literature.

Me: Oh! I think I will read the Stolen and Robbing books at some point when I need to be tickled, I suppose! Anyway,  The first book that I would recommend is:

Random J Programmer’s ‘Learn Sumatra Hazy interprogramming in 30 days’ – this will hopefully keep you Dummy, away from bothering your child for at least 30 days.

He: Thank you, thank you for the suggestion – I like books written for dummies, cretins and dolts – and THIS book talks about the next generation languages of Java and Don’tSeeSharp – I love it. Yippie!!

Me: Okay, the next one will be ‘Remembrance of things past’ by Marcel Proust.

He: Why Proust, may I ask? Why can’t I read the great literature of a Sidney Sheldon or an Arundhati Roy?

Me: You see, it is a BIG novel of many parts and thousands of pages of terse text, but divine, unlike the fictions & fictitious nonfictions of the likes of Ms Roy. I also know that your brain size has shrunk to the level of Winnie the Pooh (‘I am a bear of a very small brain’) and it will take at least one year or so for you to complete the book. So, during that time, your child can actually try being a child and do childlike things, not bothering about your colleague’s children and what they score…

He: Okay, I will try – only because you are my old pal. I will take it as a challenge. What would be the next book?

Me: Jules Verne’s ‘Journey to the center of the earth.’

He: Yeah, yeah – I see the point. This could potentially make me explore the center of the earth… How exciting!

Me: …and hopefully not comeback too, for good. You know, you are so smart and still quick on the uptake as long as we don’t discuss children or anything that is sensible – after all, don’t I know you are from an IIT? You get the drift, I suppose; folks like you are probably good for composting. May you fertilize the daffodils soon.

—— x ——<;/p>

They: We returned from the ‘States’ as we wanted to ‘give back’ to our motherland and looking for good education for our children. But now we are heading right back. Life is tough here and people are jealous of us, roads are congested, too much pollution, no privacy, no safe drinking water, education is becoming costlier & not upto the mark, in those days we could assume that if a boy goes to PSBB he can go to IITs directly, Cellphone networks are congested – da da, da Da, da daa, daa daa…

Me: What’s wrong with you folks. How can you expect all Indians to roll out a red carpet welcome and send up hosannas heavenwards, just because your highhandednesses have chosen to comeback!

Please read the following article written more in angst and in wranklingly self-righteous indignation about this strange species called NRIs, than in a canonically academic style, way back in may be 1997-98; it is amazing that it continues to be valid, but may be without the speeling mushtakes that advertently occurred.,, (of course there are a few good exceptions, we personally know a few sensible folks – but they are all surprisingly normal with their heads properly placed on their shoulders, there is no fun in talking about them good folks, and in any case they are in a microscopic minority and so…)

a long letter to an NRI…

Okay, so you have decided to go back? May your act of going back to US, increase the net average intelligence in India as well as that of that hapless United States of America!  (Rhetorics apart, I think there are great many funda Americans, they have reasonable education and THE best library systems, but this is rhetoric!)

What have you ‘given back?’ Please let me know. So that I can give them ‘right back.’ Ha.

—- x —-

They: We are reeling under the ‘slowdown’ in economy. The salaries of both of us haven’t increased by 40% this year; the airfares to Switzerland and the visit to Pattaaya are becoming costly, not to speak of Kumarakom. Vegetable and grocery prices have gone up, we are not able to pay the instalments for the homeloans that we took for SEVEN of our apartments properly – only three of them are occupied. We want to go for a third car to ferry our children to various classes and back, but we can’t, now… I have to go for a bye-pass surgery as my cholestrol levels are high! It is not that I eat in Taj everyday, we only go there twice a week and ‘drink.’ Things have become so expensive, you know!! To top it all,  the servant maids want a hike of a whopping FIVE HUNDRED rupees, the school keeps hiking the fee, we don’t know what to do. Even the transport rates are hiked.  How can they? <a lot of thumb twiddling, butt shifting, sighs, steam – the works>

Me: You see, you guys who are so attached to the corporate world and have no other existence,  crib when you don’t get a salary increment, rather endlessly. And even if you get it, you will nauseatingly compare it with some of your colleagues who have gotten more than you but NOT with guys who have gotten less than you… And then, you come back to your cosy homes and bargain endlessly with the pushcart vegetable vendors, servant maids (for all kinds of top, middle and bottom work) and small educational establishments, who are merely trying to stay afloat, what with the rising costs – and complain rather cutely ad infinitum. What is wrong with you? Why can’t you voluntarily accept pay cuts, say at least 80%, as your paymasters / companies are also suffering?

Did you ever complain when you got more money or ‘returns’ when the going was good – and the stock indices indecently and illogically went up? And, when the prices/values of your investments – such as building ‘sites’ and apartments and farmhouses kept dizzyingly going up? Did you say that the share-gotten money was too much and RETURN the ‘extra’ to whoever, you thought deserved it? When atrocious money making was on the on the house, losing it also is!  What do you think? How many sides does a coin have?

I mean, you guys want the veggies (fresh and luscious ones) to be supplied at your door steps and at price points less than that of Reliance Fresh! Take pity on these small vendors…

You whine endlessly that the servant maids are NOT trustworthy and are greedy, and yet you REGULARLY subject them to the humiliation of frisking by security personnel at your apartment entrance. Everyday. You pay them may be a measly Rs.2ooo/- per month? What is their hourly rate? What is yours? What are your respective contributions towards restoring sanity and order in the universe?

Do you give them weekly offs? Or even monthly offs? But, you DO avail of all these from your corporate world? What? Do you say that you provide some highly VALUED, top notch, cutting edge, bleeding edge, Multiple Haemorrhage work at your office and so you DESERVE what you get? And you say that the servant maids are doing MENIAL, manual work and so they can’t aspire to get so much?

Okay. You first quit your high-flying, hijinx job and see whether your ex-employer can survive without you and your VALUED contributions, say for a month. I know that, probably your company will do lots BETTER on all fronts, as there would be less of whine factor and none of  any of those VALUED contributions from you. And they will save a lot on the wasteful expenditure they incurred on you, in terms of salaries and medical claims(!). Their bottomlines will increase. Happiness all around. Thank you.

You are a disposable insanitary and insane napkin. I can’t even compost you, the termites won’t like you.

Now, terminate your servant maids, and survive for 30 days, doing all the chores, in spite of being a kaam-chor that you are. And allow yourself to be frisked everyday, while the security staff grope with yout genitals and bosom.

Let us now see, who provides more value, not merely to us, but to the universe.

Leave alone all this, are you at least respectful and reasonably considerate to the folks that help you clear your garbage? Sheesh!

What in the hell that you are trying to teach your children?

I pray that you get laid-off by your company tomorrow. But when I come to think of it, you are not even a good lay!

You want the best of education possible, with individual attention and a reasonable and respectful environment for kids to thrive and unfold the magic in them, but you don’t want to pay a little bit more for all these? Tell me, are you going to go abegging on the streets if you have to pay the enhancement?(If so, there are a few good souls (some of them NRIs too, I would reluctantly admit) who are willing to foot-in the gap – but you have to justify you being poor and starving to them, for getting the scholarship )

Or you don’t want the staff of these fledgling centrres for the preservation of diversity to get a little increment?

Unfortunately, many of us weigh EVERY damn thing in our universe  in terms of money. Nothing wrong with that, may be. Those who live by the money, die by the money.

I can put up with mere double standards, but more than 3 or 4, it becomes a bit too much! As it is, I can hardly putup with myself. Sorry.

When are we going to STOP whining & complaining and START giving? Are we even interested in setting right the things that we perceive as wrong?

So you are off to Capital Public School? Rook Silk school (hint: Rook as in chess)? Sri Gomorran Public School? IndoUs Inernotional School? Old Vertica Public school (hint: vertical x horizontal)? Soffffffia Loren School of Drooling? Clarion Call school? Greenback RichieRich HighLow? Be their guest! Pay more there. Your children may turn out to be good automatons. Probably better ones than you. They may even go to IIMs and whine about placements.

At least some of these schools of fish have horse riding and ice skating classes. These skills may come in handy, expecially in a city like Bangalore where there are so many skiiable snowy and icy slopes and grass meadows for riding on your arses.

🙂  and, peace!

——- x ——–

The above ‘stories’ (hic) are caricatures and are composite (of various personalities) in nature. But most of the conversations happened and with a few I have taken some poetic(!) liberties. I know that even the ones that I imagined would happen. Here’s where my good ol’ friend Albert Einstein comes to my rescue: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”

Or course, my standard ‘claimer’ is that –  any resemblance to living AND simultaneously dead persons is purely intentional – and please note that I am veteran of many a battle on the Usenet & elsewhere. So go away to some other URL and hang out there, if you don’t like the drift, yeah?

Feel free to comment / reflect / rubbish.

————  x ————– x ————

PostScript: Luckliy I don’t live by this blog! So… More later, and this is a warning…

All parts of the series, uptil the current one are here: FAQs on ‘education’

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