South America Quiz

Please refet to Africa, africa – for the genesis of this series of ‘getting to know more about our world.’ – targetted primarily at the adolescents.

There was also an India Geography Quiz.

The erdkinder performed extremely well in the Quiz- and all of them are going (eligible!) to see the great and nice films based on South American themes. What fun

The paper is reproduced here verbatim.


Attempt all questions – and you would do your best. Remember the concept of Overlays. All information is an overlay on raw data and nothing else… Paranthecated numbers indicate marks carried by questions.

Time 45 minutes Max marks: 100 Min marks: 60

1. Getting less than 60% would result in a retest AND a ban for the science class for one session.

2. For those getting above 60%: Special films – documentary/fiction (2) based in South/Central America will be screened.

Happy answering!

1. Name ALL the South American nations – and one city (other than the capital) from each nation. (12)

2. Name four central American nations and their capitals (8)

3. Name a) the water body / passage between South America and Antarctica and b) the southern most point of South America. (5)

4. Name the desert in Chile, which is one of the driest regions in the world. (2)

5. What is the approximate area covered by the Amazon river basin out of the whole South America, in percentage. (5)

6. Name three rivers starting with P. (6)

7. Name the island where Charles Darwin based quite a few of his discoveries on. Name one more island of South America. (6, 2)

8. Of which river does Angel falls (the highest waterfall in the world) form a part. (4)

9. Name a river flowing thru the country, in which the author of ‘Circular Ruins’ lived and wrote such remarkable literature. (4)

10. How come there are not many west flowing rivers at all in South America. (10)

11. What is the name of the island at the meeting point of the river Amazon and the Atlantic ocean. (5)

12. Some countries have their capitals named after their name. Example: X nation’s capital is X city. Give TWO examples for this. (4)

13. Name two landlocked countries. (4)

14. There are long mountain ranges all over the world – and some mountain ranges are longer than Andes. But in what aspect, is the Andes range, longest range in the world? (5)

15. What is the percentage of world’s river water that is carried by Amazon? (5)

16. What is special about lake Tititaca? (5)

17. Name one south American country falling directly below the Tropic of Cancer. (2)

18. Name 3 ancient civilizations of South and Central America. Mention their locations too. (6)

Bonus questions: if you answer most of the above and the following, you would get more than 100%!

19. Name five persons (they could be very famous or not very famous) from South / Central America and some factual information about them. (20)

20. A lot of food items have come all the way from South/central America to India. Name two vegetables or fruits. (5)

21. Where are the famous ruins of Machu-Pichu located? (5)

22. USA unjustly took away / annexed parts of Mexico, after a war – and this part now forms a few states of USA. Can you name one?. (10)


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