fascinating experiment/demo on packing factor…

… or density or Life, if you will.

— begin —

A lecturer once reached behind the podium and produced a jar. He then filled the jar with big rocks and asked the class. “Is it full?” Unanimously, the class replied, “Yes!”

The lecturer then took a bucket of gravel and poured it into the jar. The small rocks settled into the spaces between the big rocks.

He asked the class, “Is it full?” This time there were a few in the audience holding back, but most answered, “Yes!”

The lecturer next produced a can of sand and preceded to pour it into the jar. The sand filled up the spaces between the gravel. For the third time, he asked. “Is it full?” Now most of the audience were wary of answering, but again, many said, “Yes!”

Then he brought out a pitcher of water and poured it into the jar. The water saturated the sand.

At this point he asked his audience, “What is the point of this demonstration?” One bright person raised their hand and responded, “No matter how full one’s schedule is in life, he can always squeeze in more things!”

“No,” replied the teacher, “The point is that unless you first place the big rocks into the jar, you are never going to get them in. The big rocks are the important things in your life—your family, your friends, and your personal growth.

If you fill your life with small things, as demonstrated by the gravel, the sand, and the water; you will never have time for the important things.

— end —

Off that fascinating website:  Crossroads of that lovable and wisdomful heretic ‘Brixman.’

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