some interesting commencement speeches / addresses

Paul Hawken is a famous environmetalist and a passionate ‘speaker’ – his recent ‘commencement address’ at the University of Portland, Oregon (May, 2009) was/is very interesting and makes an impassioned appeal.
‘Healing or Stealing’ –

A pdf document of the same content is available off Paul’s site.

(this news thanks to Valsala Rajan, a NammaShaale grandma)


Steve Jobs – the man who continues to redefine popular computing and animation films also gave a ‘commencement address’ in 2005, to the stanford university students.

‘You’ve got to find what you love’ –

This is a fine speech too!


The third one in this series is by J K Rowling – this is her ‘commencement address’ at the annual meeting of the Harvard Alumni Association – during June 2008.

‘The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination’ –

It has the glimmer of a honesty of purpose and candour. Ms Rowling is of course the author of the pulp series – Potty Horror, but the speech is commendable, I agree.


Enjoy, happy school reopening on 8th June, more importantly, happy new government at the centre!

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