some startletics on education

(this link thanks to young  ‘Sipayi’)

Whenever I look at the money spent on education and statistics on literacy – I mean the real education – by our Governments, I get woozy and disoriented. So, I want you to have the pleasure of the same!

Please peruse the following site, reflect on the data, if your life permits it. It could be a revelation or it could be a feeling of ‘bah’ and/or so-what’s-new.

In any case, to get a comparative picture, one has to consider the amounts / proportions spent on military expenses, subsidies given to corporates/lobbies, expenditure on healthcare, social welfare schemes etc etc; also, rhe relative sizes and geographical & political exigencies of various nations have to be taken into account. (it goes without saying that all these expenditure heads are happily funded by taxpayers like you and I, if we choose to pay our taxes, that is!)

But, in spite of all the above caveats and generous pinches-of-salt, the statistics do reveal something. What is that?

Answer: We care more for – why Abhishek Bachchan cried during some ‘do’ at Macao. And why Sonam Kapur giggled. And, why Hrithik Roshan sang. And why Aishwarya Rai Bachchan danced. Thanks to India Today webpages, now we know all.

PS: Well, life is not all that bleak, there are so many individuals and organizations and groups which are at work to negate the effects of a Sonam giggling. So don’t you worry.

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