updates, more updates

Quite a few things have happened in the past couple of months – this is just a quick update.

*** During the closing fortnight – end march, 2009 – NammaShaale had a gala evening event, in which, surprisingly gazillion parents also participated. Manjunath, the TheatreWallah’s wards – which means almost the entire school, held us in awe with their theatrical histrionics and improvisations – while the one man band called Manjunath was busy providing the background music – with flute, ganjira, dholak and what not. The erdkinder gave us a sample of what ‘playback theatre’ is. Very shweet, Manjunath.  (We are happy that this gent is back with a bang, again for the current academic year too  – so we can look forward to having more nice performances by our school children and adults!)

‘Artclass Aunty’ AKA Smt Subhadramma had an exhibition stall in which some zillion artistic outpourings of the children were displayed. There was some healhier food that was ‘on the house’ such as tender coconut and great food from my bete noire – Kanti Sweets.

All staff were honoured – including the dabblers like me – and most of course became richer by a tonne of dry fruits and nuts. My only complaint is that my packet had more than its share of nuts. I vaguely suspect that it is indicative of something, but then I need to think about it, instead of blogging.

Sorry, no photos of the event- as I haven’t got any.

All good things came to an end – but for erdkinder, who had 1 more month (the whole of May) of catching up with their, um, breath?

*** The erdkinder building is inching along towards the finish, and it will take a few more months, before the erdkinder begin their ‘school stay’ and all that.

*** The teachers (‘adults’) continued to work during most of the holidays – planning and implementing. And most of  us made use of our holidays of nearly a month – by doing important things such as falling ill and recovering.

*** The school should have reopened on 3rd June but could begin operations only from 9th, as due to heavy gusts of wind, some tiles from the buildings literally flew off, making the school buildings look like giant observatories, sans the telescopes, of course. It all got repaired and NammaShaale is once again a safe environment.

*** The elementary section now boasts of a very good library rack system – pregnant with books of all kinds. NammaShaale feels that, this would make it easier for the children to access books and keep them back. (Special mention should be made of the erdkinder  – who sanded, polished, primered and painted ALL the racks! Am told that they worked till 10 PM for at least 3 days. Arbeit macht frei, what else.)

*** The children seem to have settled into their routines of work and pleasure (is there a difference like this in a normalized child?) rather easily and hopefully all of them will have a productive year ahead.

*** In the first week itself, the elementary children seem to have visited the Laalbagh to check out some new things that have happened, but I will eventually get around to investigating it and reporting thence…

*** Some parents are working on bringing in sports coaches and in drawing up guidelines for the food, celebration and sundry departments. In the next few weeks, we would see the result of their efforts, hopefully.

*** There are a few new ‘little’ faces in the primary environment, adding to the magic of the environment. As it happens, a few children have left NammaShaale too – we wish them and their parents, good tidings as ever.

*** Namrata, the hindi lady has moved on,  we wish her good luck in whatever she wants to do; and young Mercy has joined the NammaShaale team – she has had good many years of experience in the Montessori environment and is a mother of two children. She is not only good in Hindi, but also at propagating it, among other things. Children are happy with her too. We wish her a great time.

*** A little turtle has joined the NammaShaale pond. Children tell me that his name is Chottu Bheem or something – this sounds suspiciously like a cartoon character, am yet to check. (the turtle looks real)

’nuff said.

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  • Chandrasekar Lakshman  On June 19, 2009 at 5:26 am

    WOW! nice to catch up again with NS news! I’m truly excited to be in sync with NS actions….!

    I’m sure the regular children enjoy going back to school
    and enjoy great time with their NS mentors …

    All the best for 2009-10 academic year!


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