visit: ballet performance

I have heard legends about Yana Lewis – her grace, inventiveness, Indophilism and joie de vivre! (she also happens to be a disciple of the legendary late BKS Iyengar, the grand-guru of Yoga, having been trained by him in-extenso)

Yana is committed to the promotion of classical ballet and has been conducting training / expositions of the art form for years, now. The Bangalore entity of her foundation has been training young students on ballet for a while now, and today and tomorrow (27th June) the entity is showcasing their talents with a many-part performance at Soffia School. (Hope I got the number of Fs correct in the name of the school)

NammaShaale upper-elementary children and erdkinder went for the performance today and were spell-bound by the nearly 2 hours of magic. Considering the excited reactions (read: going on and on and on…) of the children, even some 3 hours after the performance, I think the ballet performance must have been grand & soul-uplifting.

I am very happy for the NammaShaale children and slightly jealous of the adults, who could go for the performance and get their moods and spirits uplifted.

(NammaShaale got wind of this event and could get the invitation, zillion thanks to the timely tip-off & recommendation from Subash and Ira – NammaShaale parents – and of course thanks are due to Rama too, who made the visit possible and gladly ferried the children up and down)

PS: It is a small, small world! Thanks to young ‘Sipayi’ I got to know that Dewang Bhanushali is a director of the The Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet  a few weeks back – I used to know this Dewang, and recollect the poise and the grace of his movements, when I was with Hughes Software, more than a decade back… It is so nice to see young folks aciduously pursue their interests and reach significant levels of excellence.  Dewang is a trustee of the Lewis Foundation which has trained the young ballerinas & ballerinos, who showcased their skills and grace. May Dewang’s tribe increase!

PPS: Remind us to show that excellent ballet documentary ‘Ballets Russes’ and clippings from the performance of the legendary Svetlena Zacharova, to our children, will you?

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