africa, americas (sans US and Canada) revisited…

“So Geographers in Afric-maps,
With Savage-Pictures fill their gaps;
And o’er unhabitable downs
Place Elephants for want of towns.”

— Jonathan Swift, On Poetry: A Rhapsody, 1733

With a smaller sub-group of erdkinder, we have been working on developing a game  (basic idea loosely borrowed from a boardgame designed by the good folks from IIT – Bombay; thanks for the lending of the Discover India puzzle, young Anjana) that can be played by elementary children, which would make children interested in the oft-neglected but fascinating areas of the world, such as the Titicaca lake and Peruvian Andes, while not forgetting the Bolivian Cochabamba – eventually we hope to make it to US kinda oft looked at places too.

We have collected the relevant information, design part is going on – and, in the next four weeks, these geography based board games (developed by the children, for the children) should be available for children of NammaShaale.

Geography is fascinatingly fun.

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