swine flu posts: a claimer

Full disclosure / Disclaimer / whatever…

Till a couple of days back, I did not pay any attention to this dirty swine business – but the hysteria reached my own doorsteps; we started getting calls from paranoid androids.

 I had to act. I had to snuff (and snub) out the raging flames of gibberish and ‘fear.’

Well, it doesn’t take much to research the subject with an open mind – provided you have reasonable fundamentals. Sometimes I wonder, why folks generally don’t even make an attempt to understand the issues involved! Anyway… 

  • I am not related to Obama or Manmohan Singh. (!)
  • I do not own shares/stocks of the firms that manufacture anti viral drugs. I am not even a disgruntled IT subcontractor to, guess WHO?
  • I am healthy. I plan to be healthy. So I will be healthy. Viruses notwithstanding. No, Ass Media notwithstanding.
  • I am not a doctor. So, no MBBS. So, no BS, umm, not really.
  • Definitely I am NOT a ‘patient’ either.
  • The opinions in these posts are all mine. But I did recheck my stance with a few folks who I respect for their wisdom,  technical insight and professional integrity – they are doctors of medicine and one, an incredible pharmaceutical researcher, who left his research to search after truth, period.
  • My basic question is – why are we not considering a Hannah Montana or a Barbie pandemic? Or an Aamir Khan or a Sonia Gandhi – an epidemic?

You can’t blame me if you don’t benefit by this series of posts, debunking the swine flu hysteria if you are already affected by N0H0P3 virus! Sorry.

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