anatomy of any illness (swine flu, for example)

Why do we get any illness or dis-ease at all?

THE answer is Toxemia. Our bodies, our souls are so abused (not by anyone else, but by ourselves) that our body is weak. So any tom, dick and harry kind of destabilizing microbes or whatever would be able make us fall ill. Swine Flu is merely one indicator of the trend. That’s all.

Actually, we don’t even need microbes and stuff. With our mere will, we can screw ourselves up. As a species, we are so very capable, you know!

Incidentally, given the negative sides of the ‘development’ – of course there are positive sides too – we are given to stunningly lopsided habits such as:

  • eating not merely unhealthy, but dangerous foods,
  • exercising very little,
  • breathing bad air,
  • thinking useless thoughts,
  • viewing and listening to useless things,
  • mistaking hectic activity for productivity,
  • complaining endlessly and acting very little,
  • painstakingly developing various ailments in ourselves,
  • and then, going to doctors & hospitals for treatments,
  • swalloowing more toxic medicines,
  • doing more of the above
  • and dieing uselessly – thankfully so!

We generally make a mess of ourselves and things around us. We can’t blame the viruses or for that matter, our spouses. Period.

One obviously doesn’t need an MD or an MBBS degree to decipher that.

For a starter, one can read the books of Steven Heller and Louise Hay. And, then one can start practising.

As Steve Solomon puts it: Health begins in the soil; Healing begins with hygiene; Liberty begins with freedom.



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