Minimal & Effective FAQ: chikungunya, dengue fever…

See, there is this loong & basic FAQ in which a lot of ground has been covered in the context of infections, health, viruses in general, swine flu etc, etc.

But, this document is relatively short – and deals only with how to effectively and sanely avoid Chikungunya , Dengue fever etc.

How do these fevers & infections (Chikungunya, Dengue et al) spread?

They spread through our helpful little friends, viruses. These viruses are insect-borne in the sense that they get transmitted by Mosquitoes – primarily.

Why do we get / acquire them?

Simple. Toxemia. Our weakened and absolutely compromised immune systems; weak and effete physique. Nothing else. Not those viruses!

This has been handled in detail in the basic FAQ.

But, how do we get it?

You see, the viruses weaken the body, mind and soul – as we have goofed up on our health. It per se, does not kill. But the viruses lay open the body for all kinds of bacterial illnesses and infirmities. Also, if the viruses are not controlled, they multiply like crazy, further weakening the body. Karma, the bunch of evil deeds that we have done to ourselves, eventually catches up. We get ill. That’s all!

Are vaccines available for this dengue fever and chikungunya?

No. Not yet. Even if they are made available after some extensive research and fieldtrials, the virues mutate and morph faster, making a particular / specifically-targetted vaccine  next to useless.

However, there are medicines (some antiviral drugs, NOT vaccines) available to reduce the after effects of the infection and reduction in the multiplication of the viruses inside our bodies.

Can we fumigate our environment – our homes and surroundings – so that mosquito colonies are wiped out?

No. You can only temporarily get rid of the problem, if you do that. But then, what about the mosquitoes from the other areas and stagnant pools of tepid water that are veritable breeding grounds for them?

Besides, mosquitoes have a short lifetime and so they multiply and mutate and morph faster and eventually become resistant to all kinds of killer chemicals used against them. You haven’t solved the problem here, have you?

The far more senseless and dangerous thing is that you have screwed up and spoilt your environment and made it absolutely poisonous for your lovable children and others – by the stupid act of fumigation.

Of course you have endangered yourself too in the process, but then since YOU started it all, good riddance! You deserve it.

Can I use the Goodnight kind of liquid mosquito repellants, that are packaged as canisters that are pluggable into power outlets? May be the cream, that we can smear on our bodies, can be used?

No. Unless you can live with all the after effects of D-Allethrin pesticide that is the basic component of most of these formulations / liquids.

Besides, you are wasting the valuable electrical power (because of the electrical heating element involved) that came to your place after burning a couple of trees in Australia or elsewhere!

D Allethrin is a Pyrethroid compound that is used as an industry grade insecticide – in farming operations and otherwise!

Why can’t you see that – if it is dangerous to such resilient creatures as mosquitoes, it is potentially harmful to us? You don’t even need to bother about the chemistry and all that of these things!

Can I use Insecticide sprays? Pest control methods? Baygon spray??

No. But I understand that we all live, outsourcing every damn thing to other servicewallahs. What we want are aseptic and ‘clean’ homes and environments – never mind the long term damages. Okay.

Yes. You can use the sprays. But, do us all a favour. First spray them on yourself. At least some problems facing the world can be solved, thusly. I am sure you can be composted, though there would be some remnant insecticide. We will handle it, don’t you worry. Please rest / decompose in peace!

Can I use mosquito coils that smoke out mosquitoes?

No. Unless you want to develop breathing problems in the medium / long run. Also, some of these smoking coils have the same D Allethrin!

Besides, the clothes & bedlinen stink like nobody’s business, if you use them coils.

So, what is the magic bullet – the ONE action that will help us NOT get these dis-eases/infections? Please, please!

Actually there are two things that you can actually do.

A: Healthy habits. Please read the FAQ

B: Mosquito nets for beds and Mosquito net shutters for windows & doors.

This ‘B‘ is a zen like solution – cheaper, effective, nonpolluting, portable and whatnot. Believe me!

Our family is addicted to the mosquito nets. So much so that, we regularly transport/lug the net along with us, when we travel. It is our distinguished family member, in fact.

We live in a fairly big accommodation, with a zillion windows and doors,  right in the middle of the flight path of some 100,000,000,000,000,000,0000  odd mosquitoes vying with each other for our blood, and to gratuitously transfer your infections to us.

But, we have managed to healthily survive thus far, thanks to the bed nets and shutter nets, no doubt.

The NET benefit to the world and to us is so damned good that we are seriously in love with our mosquito nets…

Consider it.

Don’t give lame excuses like:

  • We feel claustrophobic inside the net (yeah? What about your darned office cubicles and badly designed chairs and offices and kitchens and bathrooms??)
  • We don’t know where to get a good one! (of course, but then you would know who Mallika Sherawat is supposed to be ‘seeing’ these days or for that matter, a Hannah Montana, argh!)
  • They need to be washed regularly! (Um, I hope you wash yourself after you finish, um your ablutions in the mornings??)
  • We need to drive nails for hanging the net, but our landlord doesn’t permit that? (um, surely you can use bedposts?)
  • But we don’t have bedposts! (huh?)
  • Can we switch on the ceiling fan instead and let it run in full blast?? (Okay, OKAY – I get the drift.You get bittten,  infected – and may you DIE soon)



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