swine flu: debunking the pandemic (hic)

In this post, I deal with the numbers, politics, greed and mass hysteria surrounding the disease.

The swine flu itself and its supposed antiviral drug – tamiflu are dealt with separately.

Isn’t the number of fatalities attributed to Swine Flu startling? Isn’t it scary to think of the future with vast populations dropping dead on the pavements and sidewalks?

No. Not at all.

May be you should stop reading trashy & sickly science fiction and viewing stupid TV channels that fuel meaningless paranoia.

What? Isn’t this Swine Flu a pandemic?  

No. If you want proper and realistic examples of pandemic – that would be a Barbie or a Hannah Montana or a Google (all from US) and say, an Aamir Khan or a Mayawati or a Sonia Gandhi or for that matter, an Arundhati Roy – all from our India.

Why? Surely an UN organization like WHO, is a respectable entity. Why did they do it then? Why did they declare the swine flu, a pandemic?

I don’t want to give any ‘conspiracy theory’ orientation to this. Though there is some subconscious line of conspiratorial goings-on that probably are happening.

My motto is: Never ascribe anything to Malice, that can be sufficiently explained by stupidity.

In this line of thought, WHO is not malicious at all? What punful rhetoric, eh?

Okay, why do you think the deaths attributed to the Swine Flu are not startling?

Obviously you don’t have any idea about the quote attributed to Joseph Vissariyanovich Stalin:  ‘A single death is a tragedy, but a million – a statistic’

The mAss media have been projecting individual deaths and are successfully propagating & spreading the irrational fear and paranoia. Apparently, they perhaps find that there is something sexy about this Swine Flu! Or they are plainly stupid. More likely they are malicious, because they get to mightily benefit by it – read: viewership ratings, advertisements and sponsorships! ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching…

Now look at the real and gory statistic of India and of the world. Let us think for ourselves how come we seem to be soooo bothered about this stupid swine flu business…

What is the no of people who have died of Swine Flu so far? Any idea? We will look at it after digesting the death data pertaining to other phenomena…

Tuberculosis: About 500,000 people die of Tuberculosis every year in India; this amounts to some 1400 deaths daily!  The viruses responsible for TB are much more virulent and spread widely and swifty than our friend A(H1N1) virus.

Smoking: About 900,000 individuals die every year in India, for reasons that are directly attributable to smoking; this amounts to some 2500 people every day!

Alcoholism: Some 500,000 people die of alcoholism every year in India. This amounts to some 1400 deaths per day!

Traffic accidents: About 260 people die per day in India, because of road accidents. The comparative figure for USA is about 100.

Take the case of the existing variants of good ol’  Influenza: In the USA, that is! Every year some 40,000 die because of complications resulting from Influenza. This translates to about 110 per day, in US alone!

Hunger and starvation: Everyday close to 37,000 people die of starvation and lack of food, of which about 30,000 are children! Unbelievable, but disgusting truth!

Waterborne diseases, AIDS etc: Close to 3ooo people die everyday – worldwide!

Farmer suicide deaths: This is about 1500 per month, in India. This works out to 30 per day, unbelievable…

Now, slightly going away from the tragic and wasteful deaths of human beings…

Species extinction: Thanks to our wayward ways, circa 100 SPECIES are becoming extinct everyday!

No noise about these things. No hoopla! No concern at all. No ‘breaking noose.’ Quietly swept under the carpet.

If these are not pandemic situations, what else could be?

Contrast this with the figure for the Swine Flu virus: As per WHO, till 6 July 2009 — Cumulative Total number of confirmed cases of deaths attributable to  H1N1 World Wide: 429 deaths. ONLY!

I rest my case. I think this swine flu thingie has some unknown/sexy celebrity status. There is no other explanation. Think about Briney’s spheres. Think about Aishvirus Rai. Think hard. Think very hard. There is nothing that warrants a celebrity status for them, in them. They are merely a mAss media creation. May be this swine flu is a figment of mAss media imagination. Or our collective delirium…

The ‘pandemic’ is indeed the creation of the ravenous mAss media and nothing else!

(Look. I did undertake good due diligence, computed quite a few ‘back of the envelope calculations,’ to arrive at the numbers above – wherever I could not lay my hands on some official figure/statistic, that is. Hence the numbers are there NOT to make you panic – but to merely make you understand the context and proportions)

What do you think of the healthcare situation in India? Is it adequate to address the pandemic?

Pandemic? My illustrious foot! Why is this even called an epidemic? Since when common cold has become a pandemic? WHO asked for this panic button?

Healthcare? All we have now, thanks to the hysteria on radio. TV, Newspaper is only HealthScare.

With so many eager & greedy HealthScare providers, fear mongers, clueless managers and administrators (a truly potent combination indeed), it is obvious that things will continue to be sensationalized, hyped – and of course, basic truth and sanity will be the casualty.

Having said that, it is obvious that the Indian Government has huge palace loads of the medicines (amassed from all sorts of the generic drug vendors), kits etc etc – so, assuming proper distribution, there is enough and more to go around. (our tax rupees at work, sir)

But the efficacy of the drug is a moot point! Don’t even ask about the pan-dummyc.

Who are the beneficiaries from the spread of Swine Flu? (or for that matter any epidemic)

Tamiflu manufacturers – this is obvious. This is the drug that supposedly helps. The magic bullet. Hic.

Mask, Respirator, Testing kits, Cleaning agents manufacturers – this is also obvious.

HealthScare providers – as the frenzy to admit and check whether a person has got the Swine Flu ‘attack’ grows, as and when the close relatives/friends of this person chance upon as trivial as a loosely hanging snot in one of the nostrils of this person… sheesh!

[Stock market tip: RIGHT time to buy the stocks of the firms in the above three businesses]

Doctors – most of them can continue to be clueless and continue to get their ‘knowledge’ by the colour brochures, gifts from the pharma companies, with their kickbacks (‘referral fees’) from diagnostic service providers and pharmacies, intact. It is business as usual for them – only that their income will go up by a few orders of magnitude.

Governments and the Administration – they can now legitimately keep all the so-called development projects in cold storage and start fire fighting. Of course there is illicit money to be made in awarding contracts, acquiring stocks of medicines, kits and then in dispensing them. (Our tax money at work, what else!)

mAss Media – of course for all their programmes, the TRP  ratings are going to go up as people sit glued to their seats, watching the ‘breaking-noose’ items about random deaths in absolute mortification; the revenues go up.

GNP – the GROSS (really) national products of the nations of the world are likely to go up as also the various indices of the stock markets, because of the increased spending on medicine and healthScare.

Parents and other jobless people – they can make merry, run around like headless chickens, cackle like demented poultry discussing with fellow parents, lobbying for the closure of the schools, worry for their children, worry about managing the children if the school indeed closes, the works…

Children – the paranoia has reached such a high level that all children will be made to stay at home where they can threaten to make an incredible nuisance of themselves – so the parents will surrender the Remote control for the TV, Sony PSP and horrendous video games, so that peace can be restored in homes!

Well, actually it is a win-win situation for EVERYONE. Why bother to complain?

Let us sit back , relax and ENJOY the spreading of the Swine Flu virus! Ha Ha!


Other swine flu & health related posts are here:  FAQs & HowTos: health, body, soul…

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