swine flu – avoiding, getting used to – faq

So, you want to avoid getting infected by swine flu. Or you may want to help your dear family members, not to get it. Either way I must say, it is very noble desire.

Have you already read: virus, infections, swine flu etc – basics? Have you read the other posts such as: mAss media swine, paranoia in times of flu…  – anatomy of any illness (swine flu, for example)  – swine flu: debunking the pandemic (hic) swine flu posts: a claimer etc etc? If you want to read the whole series on swine flu – check out: FAQs & HowTos: health, body, soul…

The above links/posts give you some context for this FAQ.

What do you think of Tamiflu? Will it help me in this swine flu business?

NO. I am afraid, it would depend on your faith in the drug. Really.

I don’t think Tamiflu could be useful. Please do your own research and find out if you are not convinced about my arguments/research(hic).

My views: Swine Flu: Tamiflu myths & disinformation  

Is there is a Vaccine for the Virus?

No. Not yet and may not be possible. This is because, the viruses are brilliant beings and they keep morphing and mutating at every available opportunity. Hence there are many strains of virus that are all grouped under A(H1N1) virus types. In fact, there are more than 1500 or so variants of this virus, as I write this blog. And, developing vaccines takes time – at least 6 months. And then, there have to be field trials and validations. By that time, the variants would have already morphed in another gazillion ways.

Vaccines sound tantalizing. But they are not going to be effective and even there, when one wants them. Attention: I said wants and not needs. I hope you get the difference! 

In my not so very humble opinion, all vaccines are suspect, anyway.

I see that there are people wearing facemasks and respirators all over the place. Will it help prevent the spread of the disease?

No. A resounding NO. Even in the normal run-of-the-mill Influenza, the masks and respirators do not help. There is NO clear scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of facemasks and respirators in protecting lives / humans against influenza type infections; but, like everything else, psychologically it may help. That’s all.

One thing – if you keep wearing the same mask, thanks to the moisture that is trying to get out of your nose along with your breath, a nice colony of microbes can develop near your nose. Since this portion is likely to be slightly wetter than the rest of the mask, it will also attract and retain good talents like dirt & other cutesy microbes. If not anything else, the Mask will be useful – to make you fall ill in one way or the other, that is!

Oh, another thing. Your children may get mighty amused by the mask angle – so, to this extent, wearing these appendages may increase the happiness levels of the family.

And yes, we can make fashion statements about these masks, traipse up and down on the Brigade Road and Commercial Street (if you are in Bangalore, but equivalent traipsable, catwalky kind of places should be available in any city) and generally ‘accessorize’ them. Am sure, Gunjan Jewellers (this is off Adultery road, NOT Infantry Road)  could come up with an idea of a platinum wire reinforced, precious stone embedded, Gold fabric woven masks, for the new degeneration fashionistas and paranoid androids.

The cell phone makers can cross-sell these masks and have a small mike installed in the mask which could have a Bluetooth ‘BT’ connectivity to the headsets… The works!

We may be fearful, ill-informed and stupid, but why do we need to let go off the business opportunities… eh?

Why do the A(H1N1) variants of Swine Flu attack the human beings at all?

I would instead answer the question – why would the human beings gat attacked at all, by virus, bacteria, whatever… Pleaer reread the section: anatomy of any illness (swine flu, for example).

In fact, we don’t get attacked by any virus or a barcterium for that matter, but actually we invite them to please wake us up about our body’s sad immunity levels.

But there are news reports of  people dying and others crying and mAss media braying and governments praying and all that!

You surely are a victim of well, um – your own gullibility. Sorry.

Did you read that rant: swine flu: debunking the pandemic ?

Does the virus attack ALL people? How come only a few in USA are only affected as opposed to what the mAss media would like you to believe? Do you have any idea about how many are possibly infected and how many have actually died?  

Again, how come only a few in India are only affected? Shouldn’t all of us be dropping dead by the roadside by now?

And again, how many of the so called swine flu deaths happened only because of the reasons solely attributable to the A(H1N1) virus? It is precisely zero.

How do you explain the deaths due to this virus then?

See, it is true that this A(H1N1) debilitates and makes the upper respiratory tract weaker. But this alone is NOT responsible for the death or the ‘attack.’ It is even able to enter and play with the body only because of  the weakened immune systems. Anyway, typically, such people could die of pneumonia due to fluid collection in their lungs. This fluid collection itself is due to the harmonal work of the body to ward off the effects of the virus.

You should also understand that, so far the virus (not directly) has resulted in the deaths of only a few  people who have been having at least one or more of the following:

  • Totally or partially compromised immune systems
  • Preexisting complications involving cardiac, renal, nuero histories
  • Indifferent physique

In my not so very humble opinion, as a flu strain, so far, it isn’t very deadly at all. It is not that people just dropped dead because of the flu, while in the midst of viewing their favourite TV serial or some other useless 20-20 cricket tamaasha.

Okay, what should I do, to escape the swine flu?

Three things:

  1. Healthy food practices.
  2. Healthy thought practices.
  3. Healthy practices, period.

No, what should I DO, to escape the swine flu?

Wash your hands &, wash your face and wash the ‘other’ body parts when required.

  1. Cook some nice, healthy food.
  2. Eat good food at appropriate times.
  3. Go to bed early, after smashing up your TV.
  4. Sleep properly.
  5. Get up early in the morning, watch the sunrise.
  6. Read some good books.
  7. View some good films.
  8. Listen to good music.
  9. Stop going to work at that Corpotation. Enough is enough. Do something that interests you, instead. Besides, your family needs you.
  10. Do some physical work, to work up your system.
  11. Meditate. Think.

‘nuff said (rather ranklingly self-righteously), eh? 

In other words, be absolutely NORMAL. Get it?

What should I avoid, to escape the swine flu?

It is rather simple – a bunch of 4 simple ideas, that’s all:

  • First, you should NOT read or view or listen to any terror news about the swine flu, from any of the mAss media.
  • Second, you should positively avoid obsessive, compulsive rumour-mongers. As all health advisories say: ‘Avoid contact with sick people.’
  • Third, arbitrary Doctors (of medicine), who are abysmally clueless
  • Fourth, the deleterious food, life and other allied practices.

May you and your loved ones live as long as you / them want to live!


Other swine flu & health related posts are here:  FAQs & HowTos: health, body, soul…

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