mAss media swine, paranoia in times of flu…

Much apologies to the innocent Swine, Ass and other animals. I have a lot of respect for them, for the contributions that they have made and continue to make to us, human beings… But whether we are worth their efforts, it is definitely a moot question.

Okay, I literally burnt the midnight CFL, wrote quite a few posts like a man possessed, as I felt that there is way too much of paranoia but very little research and level-headed  information that is available – I am sick of all the disinformation and stupidity that surrounds this latest sensationalism about this demented mutant monster deranged  ninja mad A(H1N1) virus-  am talking about the poor swine flu and the way most of the world is behaving irrationally… Not to mention the next to useless thing called Tamiflu, which is touted as the magic medicine!

It is obvious that with the incessant fear-mongering by the mAss media, and the irrational psychosis that is created, the immunity of the whole nations will go down, if the disinformation goes unchecked…

I remember the paranoia and all that hoopla around SARS (does any one even remember the expansion), bird flu virus and AIDS in the recent past. What a waste of precious resources like time, energy, emotions and money… Sheesh!

The manipulative mass media swine and a massively gullible us is a potent & symbiotic combination, sadly.

Disinformation, Paranoia everywhere, but not an Iota of truth to drink…

So, I have bunched together all the posts that I posted  related to this swine flu and have provided links to them in a consolidated post; to make it doubly sure that one gets to the posts directly – on the slightly rearranged nammashaale blog, on the ‘right hand side panel’ there is this link called: FAQs & HowTos: health, body, soul… – just below the FAQs on ‘education’; this is that consolidated post – there is also a post on the chikungunya and dengue. Please read, reflect & relax.

The aspects that are covered in the set of posts (in the form of questions and answers) are:

  • A mandatory disclaimer
  • Anatomy of any illness – including swine flu – why do we get any illness or dis-ease at all?
  • The basics of virus, infection and spreading – how really severe this Swine Flu is, in the context of other competing deadly diseases.
  • Debunking the overstated ‘pandemic’ nature of the flu
  • The specifics of A(H1N1) swine flu virus and how to avoid it – Swine Flu FAQ – all answers are here, along with questions. (A = answered / asked / avoided / alluded)
  • Debunking the myths around this Tamiflu – a popular and primarily useless drug
  • Details of the virulent & deadly Idiot Flu Virus – A write up on the little known, but dangerous and widely prevalent Idiot Flu Virus variants (N0H0P3, H0P3L355 ) that no one is telling you about.
  • Some useflu tips and ideas on rumour mongering, just in case someone needs it -incredible & exclusive professional tips on Rumour mongering around the Swine Flu business. (Don’t let go of this GREAT chance to spread vile rumours; earn a lot of goodwill from your conversation-partners, while working-them-up from home; after all, everyone is EAGER to spread bad news. Incidentally, you only need a telephone and/or Internet connection)
  • Some good online articles, all angst laden – to provide counter points to the mass hysteria. (to be done)

We may do well to remember that: Living is FATAL. Being human and being born is a TERMINAL condition. The reward for life is moving-on. Death is but natural, virus or us.

But then, life is fun – especially rubbishing popular misconceptions, venting spleen and ranting, that is…


Other health & swine flu related posts are here:  FAQs & HowTos: health, body, soul…

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  • Deepa  On August 12, 2009 at 11:22 am

    I could not agree with you more. This is indeed madness and one cannot help but wonder if cipla, ranbaxy etc are just spreading the hype to capitalize on the Tamiflu/related antiviral sales…

  • Ramjee Swaminathan  On August 12, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    Thanks for the support, Deepa.

    Last night I went thru the technical literature from Roche about their Tamiflu medicine and a few other medically oriented sane sites – and I was zapped that there were so, so many holes even with the drug – leave alone the over reaction to the swine flu…

    In the grand world of paranoia driven marketing, exploiting the gullibility and laziness of the john doe-s, we will have more in the illustrious line of AIDS, SARS, Bird flu, Swine flu… ad naseam, (but I sincerely hope, there won’t be more)

    What a waste of money, emotions, energies and time!

    Thanks again,


  • Bayan  On August 20, 2009 at 9:48 am


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