celebration: Ganesh Chaturthi

As in every year, this time too we had a nice and gala celebration at the school – on 21st August, 2009.

The earthen idol of ganesha, the elephant headed god (plain, shweet, no garish colours or stupid themes like a swineflu mask) was erected in the elementary environment and from noon the chidren got busy decorating, arranging, practising their songs,  excitedly moving about.

Practically everyone sang some song / invocation or the other,  except one person, who was compassionately concerned about the after effects and unclear fallout, in case he dared open his mouth… It was difficult for him to control himself, I understand, but he works for greater common good, at least he thinks he does!

Well, and to be honest most of the songsters and invocators were good and ebulliant – and only some were off tune. But that is fine. We require diversity and some little bit of comical undertones too! Ganesha is a god of the current times and endlessly adaptable – so he would not have majorly minded too…

Not many of us knew that young Anthony could sing well too! He belted out a nice invocation to Ganesha – later I hustled him and got to know that he regularly sings for his Church Choir – & can play on many a musical instrument… Nice!

Once the songs were over, the god was ready to leave (he must have been terribly impatient, besides the weather was muggy) for immersion. Wait,  it is NOT all that’s well that ends in a well!

Oh well. We actually took him to a nearby lake in a convoy of our vehicles and immersed him.

The erdkinder were the ones who had the honour of gingerly wading into the muddy waters of the shallow lake and immerse the idol… And it was hilarious to see them all wet their pants & salwars, in front of the whole crowd of the boisterous primary & elementary children. Sorry. Oh, how I hate this wicked English language!

We then came back to school and got to eat all kinds of sweets and savouries (‘prasaadam’), especially brought for the purpose by  Sowjanya – the in-house resource person for tasty and eclectic food, she somehow manages to source tasty and healthy stuff from all over Bangalore!

Some photos were clicked, I know, and if I could access them, they would be posted.

PS: The ganesha idol was too cute and I had half-a-mind to go right back and retrieve it back from the lake, but  then… He is also eminently recyclable.

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