and, the school takes a break…

Yes. Nammashaale’s last day of the first term of the current academic year, just got over the day before…  *phew*

It was an eventful term – there were so many interesting things that happened – many of them having not been recorded either here on the blog or elsewhere..

Like the visits to lakeshores for bird watching, to watch flowers, to the Vishvesvarayya Industrial museum, the one to the International roaming ‘water’ film festival, book reading sessions in orchards/groves – were never captured in the blog  – there have been many more – but no point raking my pigeon brain.

There have been school visits of folks of the likes of Retired Justice Venkatachalaiah (the famous Lok Ayuktha, the scourge of those ‘possessing assets disproportionate to their known sources of income’  – no, not for any raid! mommieeee!!) to a few Montessori teachers from London (surprisingly all of  ’em, young males!) to fellows from Anweshana Montessori house of children…

The grand n lane highway to the Bangalore Internotional Airport is getting widened with a vengeance – and we watched with numbed senses as carcasses of giant raintrees, honge, neem and  tamarind trees got piled up along side the road. A swath of land from the school has been acquired for this widening business, but luckily, we have enough tree cover – so the damage to NammaShaale has been minimal, but there is this lingering sadness, or may be it is plain impotence…

With the relentless and inexorable ‘onward ho!’ march of ‘development,’ literally many fall by the wayside. But, enjoying the fruits of the so called development, may be I can’t really complain. People living in glass houses, remember? That’s the discrete charm of the bourgeoise, as Luis Buñuel would have loved to say!

The erdkinder (senior, 10th standard exam facing group) are steadily marching towards their exit – their mantra of learning and working being: coupez la difficulte en quatre. The other erdkinder are engaged in various activities. Am sure they would love this break too!

Hopefully, early October, the erdkinder will start their weekday stays at the school, as their ‘prepared’ environment is getting prepared; let us see.

The school is seriously considering sports activities and thanks to the enthusiasm of  Jaikumar (a NammaShaale father), we are discussing with a consultant. Subject to an array of interplaying-axes of things such as logistics, infrastructure requirement, the necessity to accommodate sports within a tight schedule and within an otherwise complete Montessori environment that we have in NammaShaale and of course ‘funds’ – we would hopefully be able to  take a decision soon on this. As of now, we are leaving this open – way too many things to handle and ponder over, here. Hear, hear.

 One of the adults in the elementary environment – young Sudha Varadarajan is moving on. I am sure her sweetness combined with professionalism will be missed – not to mention the occasional palghat (nee palakkad) delicacies that she was prudent enough to bring, to appease the wagging, ravenous tongues of her colleagues, but then…(I may be generalizing based on a sample size of one or less, but what the heck!)

We wish her all the very best for her, her husband’s and their child’s endeavors; may she get back to Nammashaale at some point of time in the (not too distant) future.

However, with the grande dame  Rama herself at the helm of affairs in the elementary environment, and other illustrious adults around, it will continue to be a smooth sail for the children. But then, what will I do for my Avial?

As usual,  the end of the term saw to it that complete exhaustion started creeping in… Most of us are taking a week off and, during the holiday-break, some of us are:

  • taking a break
  • are planning to go broke
  • are breaking even
  • breaking apart
  • broken up
  • breaking down
  • breaking away
  • breaking a new ground
  • getting a break
  • breaking ourselves in…

ha ha! gotta apply brakes, NOW!

Parents, we would ‘see’ your kids on 29th September, 2009! Happy holiday break!

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  • Nandini  On September 16, 2009 at 1:24 am

    Request you to please email us the contact details of Namma Shaale. Is there a website of Naama Shaale?

  • Ramjee Swaminathan  On September 18, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Hello there!

    1. nammashaale does not have an ‘official’ website. Not yet.

    2. the contact email id would be: (nammashaale)at( – remove all the parantheses, change at to @.

    3. some more details are off: – a lot more about the school are strewn all over the blog site.



  • c n mahalakshmi  On March 13, 2010 at 4:07 am

    I would like to visit the Montessori environment.
    Where is this school located exactly?
    Any important landmark/road? I am new to Bangalore.

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