Monthly Archives: October 2009


While grahasthashram and ‘teaching’ catch up with me, the NammaShaale blog will relentlessly march towards the completion of an eventless first year(0r final year as the case may be).

So far, I have sent out 6  invitations (and wordpress requests, and 4 repeat requests) for other parents to join, participate and contribute – but alas (0r hurrah!, as the case may be) not a single one has responded. This, in spite of the fact that some parents actually evinced (winced?) some keen interest and asked for blog permissions / accounts!

To make sure that wordpress and gmail are indeed NOT blocking the invitations, I sent  a couple to myself and duh, I got them pronto. So, as Curzio Malaparte had titled his novel, it is Kaputt.

Another interesting thing is that, the blog is actually read by more people from outside the intended audience (the parent community of NammaShaale) – possibly because of the random issues dealt with in this blog.  So it does not matter if the others do not get to read the posts – better blug next time!

On Dec 17th, 2009 – I would plan to stop the blogging in one way or the other – not because I am tired or something, but because if I want to rant, I can always do that elsewhere.

In the meantime, if at all anyone is interested in taking over the blog, he/she/it can contact me – off blog.