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The month of November saw the efforts of the NammaShaale language specialists in hindi and kannada come to fruition; during the third week of November, we had the hindi day, and during the fourth week (I think, on 25th of November) we celebrated the kannada rajyothsava in terms of folksy themes – call it janapada day, if you will…

The efforts of Mamta (Hindi), Anitha and Soujanya (Kannada) were commendable – they must have really slogged it out, during the run-up to the events; the children of course effortlessly delivered on their roles… Actually the children were all on a roll! There were some cute hiccups, children forgetting their lines and kind prompting from the sidelines – but these were enjoyable too!

tense audience waiting for something to happen...

The audience for both events  almost eniterly comprised of children and the school staff. Some parents were able to make it to these events perhaps because they stay closer to the school or by some sheer chance.

tension relieved! Obviously...

At one level, it was a pity that not many parents could get to participate (read: gushing over their children) in these events – but then, inviting parents formally would entail in a lot of planning – and to that extent the flexibility of having the event ‘the next day’ as and when the children are ready & enthusiastic, will be lost. And, in any case, the children want to perform, improvise, learn for the joy of doing them, and not necessarily for some audience and ‘appreciation from others’ and all those peripheral thingies…

The incessant external approval seeking mentality’ & the fragile/insecure mind it creates  – is the bane of most of us adults; we feel great(!) when someone says good things about us, never mind the reality – likewise, we wilt when we think we have been unjustly targetted, again, never mind the reality! However, I am glad to say that this chronic disorder is yet to seep into most of our children- and I sincerely hope that these children (and other children too!) would never get into this insidious disease mode! I also pray that I get out of this mode.

Okay, getting back to the ‘report’ – the process of children preparing for the event itself was quite nice – like the other day, when a group of children were practising their ‘kolatta’ near the front gate – full of swirls, joy, colours, clackety-clacks, singing and rhythmic movement – a veritable symphony in motion. I recollect that quite a few times, the traffic slowed down on the highway in front of the school because of the curious onlookers, even as the children didn’t at all notice what was happening around them… Perhaps, for true performers, there is no need for any audience, they are obviously oblivious to their surroundings!

But yes, the audience  of course want to partake of the joy & be appreciative. But that is merely a secondary event, don’t you think?

The Hindi Diwas event was a motley collection of recitation of verses, plays, singing, dancing etc – the children, given the time and preparation that they had, did a remarkable job of them – and, we should understand that Hindi is slightly more distant than Kannada or say, Telegu is, to most of the NammaShaale children.

Hindi is obviously not part of the daily life or culture for most of the children – so there may not have been a collective internalization of Hinditva (HaHa!). In spite of this fact (I call it a fact because, I didn’t bother too much to verify it by conductung surveys etc) I think children did a damn good job, ably aided by Ma’am Mamta. As all thoroughbred North Americans (such of the our own teenagers from India) would say, Attagirl! Ha!!

Kannada day was a tapestry of star performances of the children – drama, music, dance, younameit… The central theme was the unending story of the human condition, the spirit of life. Hegelian thesis-antithesis-synthesis.

Yes. Even the erdkinder participated – among others, they staged a fiery speechification of Kittur Rani Chennamma (The dialogues reminded me of ‘Sivaji’ Ganesan pouting patriotism in the olde Tamil flick ‘Veerappandiya Kattabomman’) and a hesitant & cowering British Officer trying to collect taxes/tributes from the Rani. Poor chap, so startled was our young Officer by the erudition and emotion of Chennamma, that he actually forgot his lines and had to read his response!

Angry Rani of Kittur and the hapless Brit officer! (who is that cheeky lad grinning at the predicament of a fellow-man?)

Well, one can’t really blame him though. Even I felt like running away to England in sheer terror! So furiously incendiary was this little (um, not really) girl delivering cannon balls with effortless ease!

Kittur Rani and the Brit Officer have obviously made up; apparently it was only a theatrical performance!

All’s well that ends in laddoo distribution (from Kanti Sweets). Yeah. (Scroll down this post for the image_archive_link, not for the delectable laddoos!)

a very valuable & frank review comment on the proceedings by a child! (not really)

Thanks to Sanjay Nambiar (of filmcamp.tv fame), a NammaShaale parent, there are some 135 pics from the Kannada Day event. I must add that these pics are professsionally shot and capture the children and a/the few adults, in their myriad moods and hues.  Excellento!

Almost all children from the school have been captured in one way or the other and the parents (including yours truly) can rejoice in gawking at the frames. I personally like the last two pics with the clouds capping the school’s tiled roof.

The link (you can even download all the photos as one zipped fly (sorry, file) from this page) is here:

Thanks again, Sanjay – for sharing your labour of love.

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