namaskaara, adieu, auf wiedersehen, so long…

And oh, from the readers’ perspectives, I should have titled this post: Good Riddance.  
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the waiting...

NammaShaale Montessori House of Children is a very good, shuddha montessori school with a soul and has a really committed and talented set of overworked adults – with one exception, and you know this part. I would recommend it anyday to anyone, heartily & unequivocally – primary to elementary to secondary (erdkinder) schooling for any child, though the current entry points are mainly at the primary and a little less at the elementary levels. (Please note: contact details of NammaShaale are at the bottom of this post)

a cloud capped nammashaale (photo: sanjay nambiar)

But, I think the nammashaale blog has not been such a great idea. Honestly.  

Anyway, today, the blog just completed the first and last year of operation. I have ‘written’ most of the posts and tried to give a record (always biased and with a sick mind, of course) about the happenings in school and elsewhere….  I started assembling the blog this day an year back, and now it has a total of 95 posts (or rants if you will – some 92 of them exclusively mine)) excluding this post, in 365 days! Not too bad at all, at least with respect to the frequency.

Thanks for all the patience, readers.  


a happy and tired 'kolatta' team

 I had, a couple of months earlier,  given a warning (or a relief or ‘good news’  to the tired readers of the blog) – 


nammashaale has very good, trustworthy, loyal, and 'doer' support staff - this is Sri Anthony, of Transport Crew...

As always, apparently I have rubbed quite a few good folks on the wrong side, irritated them, repulsed them – some of them, rather permanently so – all in the name of sick humour and personal entertainment! I have been delightfully called a ‘pervert,’ ‘ego-tripper,’ ‘vicious propagandist,’ ‘toxic guy,’ ‘venomous person,’ ‘drug addict’ and stuff by many sane people for whom I continue to have respect at various levels. I never thought I was so capable. But then, my self awareness levels are so low… I just have one question: How did they find out that I am perverted? What gave me away? What else do they know about me?? I am shivering, cowering and I hate to know more about myself. I thank all the folks for the feedback, all done in good spirit I am sure, noble intentions and in times of emotional upheavals, for my wellbeing. All are valid. I agree.    Thanks a lot.

But no regrets.    

some elementary children, getting ready to deliver their lines...

Fools blog about things what angels fear even to browse, what else. Life goes on.     


some more elementary children, waiting for a cue...

I am stopping not because of the valid feedback which I mostly found amusing, and the horror of it, simultaneously to be correct too, but because of the following reasons:  

  1. I am bored, there are gazillion other things, half-finished (& half-baked) projects to work on, some thousand funda books to read, hundreds of great films to watch, grand music to listen to etc etc –  and here I am ranting about some silly pet peeve of mine or typing about some darn event in school. Frankly, there are way too many events & interesting things happening in school and am not even able to cover 1/3rd of them…
  2. Why in the hell do I have to feel responsible to capture anything at all? Why beg for photographs when not many are interested in sharing stuff? Swayam Kritha Anartham, what else!
  3. I have the usual excuse of grahasthidom. There are so many tasks…
  4. Blogging is not ‘do’ing. Networking with folks (with supposedly a common agenda) is also not, in my opinion. I realized it long back – except probably in the case of virus posts and faq. Networking & blogging are pure entertainment. I like to entertain myself, can do it in gazillion other ways, but I don’t like to really ‘network’ – either on the Internet or in person! So there is no need for me to pretend that we have a network of parents with common interests, ideologies and points of view. The ONLY commonality between the parents is that our children go to a good and real Montessori school. It is actually good news, don’t you think.
  5. There are so many interesting things that happen in the school fairly regularly, many of them are quite nice and I felt they have to be captured – the sheer beauty of children learning and working. But I don’t think the school does them or conducts them to get mighty publicity & mileage. They are done because they have to be done in the best interests of our children. No need to record them incessantly, is now my ‘considered’ opinion.
  6. The school itself is taking an enormous amount of my time and energy. And, may be I could spend more time with the children, if I stop blogging. I like working with children, and apparently some of the children like it too. What more can one ask for? (I could be absolutely wrong here, gotta check)
  7. A well-meaning correspondent wrote [slightly edited / truncated to remove personal references]: “please do not bother to state that the blog is for people to share perspectives on education… Instead just call the blog for what it is – your place to pen.”– I agree in toto with this take. It has been my blog practically, and I had no business calling it a nammashaale blog even. But, when I started, I had wild ideas about participation, recording of great but simple experiments of various kinds and the addressable dichotomy between preaching and practicing; I thought the dichotomy was not so rabid, including in me, mostly me. Anyway, if at all I want to write, I can do that elsewhere. So, point taken, correspondent! You opened my ice, dear, and it is so darn cold, brrrrr
  8. I type very fast, verry fast and can compose looong documents real fast, and apparently can make sworn enemies out of ‘friends’ even faster! I also know that friends can’t really be offended. But it is really boring to discover this difference. That acquaintances based on mere networking agendas are not sustainable, at least in my case, and I am a pathetic networker I realize anyway! I am also rather easily offended by me, by the way! So, can I continue to be my ‘friend’ and nutwork with myself? Especially when my sense of humour is bad

Parting humour (!) apart, I have on previous occasions requested for some other folks to pitch in. But, to be honest, I did not expect anyone else to volunteer to manage / edit. It is neither an easy nor a welcome task. I agree. Besides it takes time, effort and most importantly, motivation..  

some of our happy earth children...

On the contrary, on a few previous occasions a few folks have volunteered with good documents and perspectives; in this context I would like to blogally thank the following:  

  • B Ashok (please do, B Happy)
  • Jayashree Janardhan Ashok
  • B Rama (Sorry, I would prefer to B Myself; and, well – actually she is K Rama, I know – and she also would like to be herself!)
  • Sowmya Arunajatesan

… I wish there were more such parents…(no, not really, sorry, yes!)

There were also parents who shared photographs that they shot during the school events. I thank these folks for being lovable exceptions to the sad rule of non-sharing (frankly, why should anyone?):  

  • Vinod
  • Brinda Pathy
  • Sanjay Nambiar
  • K Rama (Yaa K? Oh, the pun of it!)
  • Pratima (who actually is a NammaShaale niece)

There were also a few folks that cheered on, and my thanks to them too. But um, forgive them my lord, they did not know what they were doing.  

laddoo distribution by elementary children (and gobbling up of them, primarily by adults, that happens behind the scenes)

So, I am closing my involvement in this blog as an author. If someone wants to takeover, please do. You merely got to have some connections with NammaShaale, that’s all. In case you want to post something, I would do so without any editing or annotation, if you forward your stuff to me. But, please ensure that there is no ad-hominem in your text. My email id is myname@gmail.comma – replace myname with ramjee.swaminathan and replace comma with com. I will respond but that could be incendiary – so don’t send me any mail. Don’t bother, actually.  

Seriously now, I don’t check my mails regularly at all. You may have to wait for at least 15 days before you send me a reminder. I will definitely respond.  

I suppose, I would continue to rant when I feel like somewhere else, being a Jaundiced I that I am.. But I don’t expect any of you to be interested.  

In the meantime, if there is no traffic to these pages (why should there be), and noone is interested in ‘managing’ it – I would delete the blog in the course of next 3 months. That’s a promise. There is no point in hosting inflammatory bytes, with endlelss TimeToLive to boot. It would be a waste of electricity otherwise.

Oh what a relief! (for you, that is!!)  

Post Bloggum: Yay! I am going to start rererereading Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. Lovely.  


NammaShaale Contact Details  

NammasShaale has a contact email id that is monitored fairly regularly. It is: schoolname@yawhoo,com – replace schoolname with nammashaale – and yawhoo with yahoo and , with . — I am not guaranteeing that you will get a reply. But am sure that your mail will be read. In case you want to know more, you will have to call +91 802 844 4838 during the 5 weekdays betweeen 10 AM and 2.30 PM – Indian Standard Time.  

You may have to try many times before you get a response – folks are busy, the school is a small establishment, please understand that the school adults are doing some real good work elsewhere in school.  So, if you are looking for a good Montessori education for say, your soon to be 2.5 years old, you should consider your perceived ‘thankless’ efforts as a minimalistic investment in the wellbeing of your child…  


Bye. And, thanks for all the fish.

thanks and bye! (with help from an erdkind)

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