photos: theatre, christmas days

Vinod, a NammaShaale parent has shared his photo albums:

nammashaale christmas celebration: link

nammashaale theatre day: link

Thanks, Vinod.

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  • Mahadev  On January 13, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Dear Mr.Ramjee,

    I hope I could meet you. reading your blog creates more interest in me to meet you. your writing communicates a lot.

    It is my first time exploring this blog, I came to know its existence through one of my friend.

    Its very informative about what happening in the school.

    I believe many may be unaware about this blog. so might not interact.

    Its really exciting to see through the activities of the school.

    let this good work go on… we enjoy and love to interact regularly… kindly also guide us in what way we can contribute as parents.

    Thanks Mr.Vinod for the photos.

    Mahadev and Bhuvi

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