visit: yakshagana performance

Thanks to a timely tip-off by an alert parent – Sriman Muniraju (a Math lover-Professor of Bishop Cotton college, mind you, it is not your any other ordinary Rook Silk college! sorry), most of the school, excepting the primary environment (work will set them free!)  trotted off to a yakshanagana prasanga at Ravindra KalaKshetra.

Though we could stay for barely 2 hours at the venue, it was wonderful.  Apparently, Akhila Bharath Yakshagana Sahithya Sammelana Samithi has organized this event along with Kannada Samskritha Kala Prathisthana for the year 2010.

We could see a little bit of an engaging story telling and dancing from certain parts of Ramayana – the group from Jamakhandi which did this was amazing – wonderful costumes, incredibly high pitched faultless vocals, excellent ‘chendai’ drumming, dialogue delivery,  impromptu teasing, good nritta and nrithya, what else!

We have made a mental note to the effect that, next year, we would plan to stay for a whole day at the event.

Incidentally, I came to know that Surpanaka (sister of Ravana) is actually working for a Bank – on a dayjob! In the nighttime I suppose (s)he goes out terrorizing the populace… Lovely. Heh!

Also, the even organizers are so passionate about the yakshagana that they even offer to train ‘for free’  the school children in this splendid performing art (and literature and theatre and music – all in one bundled form)! I think we should wrest the initiative and grab the opportunity.

Two things:

1. For some reason, only children that were there, were from nammashaale – and the crowd was also very sparse. Is it because the event was conducted in sweltering heat? Or that yakshagana does not have any support base apart from those probably in coastal karnataka? Troubling questions indeed, regarding a very fine and enetertaining performing art… The pesssimist in me thinks that, if it were some goddam starlet or an aamir khan or ghaarib khan (the pun of it kills me!) that were to grace the function, my fellow bangaloreans and I would have stampeded into the kshetra.

2. I am glad, really really happy to note that the organizers of the meet could get sponsorship from Vijaya Bank. The latter’s banner was prominently displayed, and oh I was so happy. Kudos to the discerning folks at this Bank. May they contiune to sponsor such sensible events and also increase their toplines and bottomlines. They deserve to be congratulated because, unlike the many multinotionals and crapporate entities, who would only sponsor silly and stupid activities at many of the so called  college festivals /days – these banker guys have good judgement.

Hope. We live on it. May the good work of these yakshagana associations continue.

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