four interesting (to me at least!) links

** Theatre doyen Ebrahim Alkazi’s (one of the finest of them) fantastic freewheeling interview.

“When I wanted to study the Mahabharata, my tutor said it’s obscene. I said I wanted to study the entire epic”

I love mahabharata and Alkazi’s contributions. I think, all of us even remotely interested in theatre should read this article.

** It gives me an immense pleasure (of the perverse kind, obviously) to read that the once petty, thieving, dastardly & rapacious “East India Company” is now owned by an Indian – one Sanjiv Mehta. an-owner/Article1-508853.aspx

What an inexplicable feeling of redemption, that dangerously borders on jingoism! (not) My personal interest in this takeover would be the possible ‘free’ availability of records of transactions and archived documents of EIC.

But, we would need another Dharampalji to get the proper context and interpretation out of the mass of documents. RIP, dear Dharampal. I miss your scalpel and lucidity of thoughts.

** A voice for the sparrow –  “March 20 is World House Sparrow Day. The species is fast disappearing, but thanks to the efforts of environmentalist Mohammed Dilawar there is hope for the inconspicuous bird. Excerpts from an interview ”

May the tribe of Mohammed Dilawars increase!

** This is a school initiative, in the ‘educationally’ vibrant smouldering cauldron that Bangalore is, by my acquaintances – Jayashree and Reshma.

“creative – a holistic learning centre for children, families & teachers”

As (once my hero) Mao Tse-Tung said: “Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend…” A very nice and apt quote, the only thing is that the venerated Chairman said it for others to follow.

Good luck to ‘Creative’ and may it grow – in scope and impact.

** END **

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