mir mukhtiar ali, folk singer from bikaner

Thanks to the incredible folks at the Chitra Kala Parishat, Bangalore and the Information Department, Government of Karnataka – we were able to go to a ‘sufi music concert’ of the rustic gent from Rajasthan – the preserver of the sufiana qualam from the Indo-Pakistan border.

His incredible voice (easily ranging beyond 3 octaves)  along with a deep, wide repertoire (drawn from all over – amir khusro, mirabhai, kabir (of course, of course),  bulleh shah, hazarat shah bahu…) held all of us spellbound!

The accompaniments were a sarangi  (an inspired performance – begging, pleading, resounding, cajoling and at times authoritarian – sometimes leading, sometimes following, oh the soothing melancholy), tabla, dholak and a harmonium. Oh what a team! The energy and the stamina of the tablaichi and the dholak player were unbelievable.

Now, this is what fills me with hope – that, young (& prominent) musicians  these days not only have a well trained voice, but also a wide and deep repertoire – spanning genres, schools, thoughts… What a far cry from the rest of the professional world (especially the IT surreal world), where the abysmal & overpaid shallowness is the order of the day! I suppose, at some point of time in the future,  the IT professionals [sic], would indeed become professionals… Let me hope!

I should not lament. It was a very satisfying day. I would say that our time was well invested in the activity.

May the tribe of these delightful professionals such as Sri Ali,  increase! Lovely.

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