independence day of USA

Oh, I almost forgot! Sorry.

This news is especially published  for  the edification of RNIs, NRIs, ex-pats, cowpats, US citizens living in India, Indian citizens dying in US,  Dual Citizenship holders, Persons of Indeterminate Origin (PIOs), Green card holders, Red Card Droppers, Frequent Flier Mile collectors et al, et al…

The agenda: To wine (anything non Indian) and to whine (about everything Indian).

Examples of the former category: Malbec, Burgundy, Bordeax et al

Examples for the latter category: Traffic, education system, political system, non cleanliness,  oh-how-we-miss-our-CostCos, corruption etc etc.

This is a real news insertion from ‘The Hindu’ of  4th July, 2010 for one such celebration in Bangalore, India.

American Independence Day Celebrations at Mynt, Taj West End on July, 4; for reservations call:6660 5660


(Earlier, we used to celebrate our dependence day from USSR on 15th August every year; but we now have moved over to celebrate the August dependence day from USA.  Soon, I suppose, we will all move over to that of China. Amen. I love our internationalism & the sense of global brotherhood)

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