prof ved prakash of UGC

It is not often times that one gets to listen to fantastic and committed people, individuals with a burning passion, who walk their talk.

Sometimes such people may not have the gift of communication skills – but still manage to have an impact.

Some other times, good scientists and academicians get more and more senior in their respective hierarchies –  go up the echelons of power  and in the process, lose out on the perspectives I would call ‘earthworm’s views.’ Their talks and views no more have passion in them!

But, in a few few cases, some illustrious & accomplished souls also have the power of communication at their disposal and make incredible impact on the minds of audience, if the latter are open, that is!

In my opinion, great communicators are those, who don’t require visual  cues and random mnemonics to help them out with their presentation. Ah, the powerpointlessness is actually close to  nirvana!

So, it was a great pleasure to listen to Prof Ved Prakash, who held forth for nearly 1.5 hours (without any props) at a meeting organized at HP Labs India, by Dr Ramani. The fact that this event happened on 2nd August, 2005 does not matter. It still is 100% relevant.

In this talk, he touched upon various topics that concern education in India, such as the literacy levels, state of higher education & research, broadbasing education, the impact of books and libraries etc etc…  His passion and commitment shone through as also his impassioned plea to the researchers to do what is right, whatever one can, to help spread the idea of education around and empower others…

Frankly, I don’ t know whether it had  any impact at all (in most of the audience there in the room, at least!) as I knew even then that many of the minds there not really prepared to handle the information. I am of the opinion that, any (self) perceived  avant garde research lab, by and large indulges in hifalutin’ stuff, with little relevance to the problems at hand – and many of the researchers that populate the lab, have this incredible meta-cognitive state of suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect. This malady is much more, if the labs happens to be an arm of some biggie big MNC.

May be this is a big & heartless waste of scarce resources, but I would say that all these ‘investments’ increase the GNP. They are useful, after all. Anyway…

Thanks to my ex-colleague Rama Vennelakanti, I had a copy of the recording of Prof Ved Prakash’s speech which I have now uploaded to rapidshare.

Please download all the four parts (split archives) and unrar then using the winrar utility. They contain a mp3 file:  ‘Dr Ved Prakash – HPLabsIndiaTalk – 02082005.mp3’

Do listen to it, and if possible, reflect on it. It is worth the effort.

3 x 19 MB + 18.5 MB =  75.5 MB (MD5: 0843B25BC2B58BE3014D066FE66501B8) (MD5: EF537B170938E77CBF2E821A762078C7) (MD5: 9E7A0BF5957369CC41083C0E607F4DAE) (MD5: 17F93020A2C438101F430EE5B8377FC3)

(This audio file is being shared with permission from Dr Ramani. Thanks sire!)

— END —

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  • jairoop sigh  On February 18, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    to my estimate, ved prakash is a corrupt person in realty. this person exemplify the what churchil said about india that india will be ruled by people of silly heart and sweet tongue

    • Ramjee Swaminathan  On March 2, 2012 at 12:33 am

      Thanks for your comment, Jairoop. However, I feel that it is rather easy to pelt stones at people (with some public life / accomplishments to speak of) from various anony’mouse’ corners of the Internet.

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