suppandi chronicles: a curtain raiser

From every parent (in India, at least) an Inner Suppandi is screaming to get out…

— Sigmund Fraud (from the International Bust seller: Set Your Inner Suppandi Free, Pencilguin Publications, 2011)

For those who do not know that they have an inner Suppandi residing inside themselves – Suppandi is a character developed(!) by the infamous Tinkle Magazine of India – supposedly for children. But I know of many adults (who steadfastly refuse to grow up) who are avid readers of the pulp-comical magazine. Hmm…  Suppandi’s character has been developed as a person who is slightly off – but being very obedient to the word to his master, he gets into all kinds of tragically weird situations. He is generally unskilled and unaware of it. But, very many readers of Suppandi think that he is a fun read! This says volumes about how demented, dimwitted, repressed and malnourished these readers are.

Imagine the state of the next generations that will be created by these SuppandiDasans. I shudder at the very thought…  It is going to be a merciless and no-holds-barred attack of our own national plague – Suppanditis – on our very own fellow Indians. *ouch*

The fact is that, it is much easier to become parents than to be parents.  And these parents who have become parents think that they are being parents  — and then assume that they have to go to an alternative school for their children. Therein lies the trouble.  Caught in the dialectics of their becoming and being, their inner Suppandi gets materialized and released. This is of course dialectical materialism (may Hegel pardon me!) and is really tragic, but apparently looks like a funny situation. Am really sorry about sensitizing you to this.

Of course, it is also true that it is also easy for one to become a teacher than to be a teacher.  I know. In fact, quite of few of my distant relatives (umm, not very far away from the jabbering simians up in my family tree) are into this tuition and cheatingteaching domain and are doing a roaring business (psst, do monkeys roar?). Anyway, I understand that apes living in cages in the zoo can’t afford to pelt stones at the so called human beings who would even otherwise throw stones at them… Okay, let me not get philosophical and self-critical.

Now, occasionally, the became parents interact with the became teachers. The result is pure fun – the clash of the inner Suppandis. These situations make one love life in a small school. Really.

I am going to share a few of these situations with a little bit of embellishment and suppandification (suppandifiction?) soon, if you would pardon me.

So, stay tuned (if you must).

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