suppandi says: ‘my child does not listen to me!’

An old sailor gave up smoking when his pet parrot developed a persistent cough. He was worried-that the pipe smoke that frequently filled the room had damaged the parrot’s health.

He had a vet examine the bird. After a thorough check-up the vet concluded that the parrot did not have psittacosis or pneumonia. It had merely been im­itating the cough of its pipe-smoking master.

— Anthony de Mello in Prayer of the Frog Part #2

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sometimes Ms Suppandi complains that her child fibs too much, or uses foul language, or is lazy, or does not study much, or does not write well at all, or is good-for-nothing, or procrastinates a lot, or watches TV too much, or behaves in odd, worrisome ways… sheesh!

But, I would think that the child still has a chance.

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