suppandi strikes again! (oh NO!!)

…and oh, I am back!

Life is but a Sine Wave, with its own crests and troughs, or as my lovely school children would love to correct me – nodes and anti-nodes!

But the waves are progressive (and not stationary, pardon my useless ‘science’ pun) even as I continue to happily regress, instead of egressing…

This is a set of five posts that have happened (are going to happen) after a few months’ gap. There has been a hiatus, I agree – though, I also know that nobody really missed the blog.  Still...

Well, the reason is that, in the past few months, I have moved to another place, another time, another life. I like my pauses and comma-s, obviously!

Besides, there were elections happening to the government in my homestate of Tamilnadu, India. I was busy campaigning, in my own way – for I love my King,  PBUH and my land.

History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.


Now,  what is life without a story… That too, a story that is told in three emails – and a fourth, a reflection – mostly unedited and un-embellished. I have anonymized and modified the names involved, to protect the NOT guilty.

Of course, all the GUILTY, criminal and coarse people such as Sudha (the nammashaale Administrator, and a tireless taskmaster, a relentless troubleshooter at that), Rama (the nammashaale Director, and THE best elementary teacher that I have ever seen in my life – the phrase that floats up when I think of her in this context, is pure magic!) and Ramjee (the Scribe with obviously nothing better to do than blog about insipid things and inane folks) have all been named.

Alea jacta est.

… And so, this father of an ex-nammashaale child (let us call him Aaaj henceforth), who is in a respectable position in an educational institution had already admitted his daughter (a sweet child actually, which child is not?) – a few years back, in nammashaale – let us call her  Anjana; our young Aaaj, then, asked for admission for his son too (let us call him Arun, again a smart a little child, (which child is not?) – not at 2.5 years as a typical child  would get admitted in a good Montessori school – but much later, primarily because it was convenient for Aaaj’s family in terms of logistics – that is, in terms of the sad cases of elder daughters saddled with the stifling responsibility of ‘looking after the younger brothers‘ mode – just so that the parents are ‘helped!’

dammit, don’t the parents deserve the furtherance of their own careers and research and development and parties and agendas and booze and travel and TV and fillums and farts and pontifications and long-email-writing and blog-posting and whatnot??

Anyway, not because of the aforesaid ‘sibling child-sitting’ reason (I came to know about this sad fact much, much later), after much thought and evaluation, and considering the adult team size in nammashaale, we clearly told Mrs Aaaj and Mr Aaaj that, it is difficult for us to accommodate the child, I think, circa December 2010 time-frame – an email was also sent to this effect to Mr Aaaj – which he says he didn’t get – he could be correct here too, am not sure; but, Mrs and Mr Aaaj would not take a ‘no’ for an answer, even if it is conveyed again politely, even if it is the most truthful and honest and ONLY meaningful option from the side of the school.

There were many and oft repeated and random requests from Mr. Aaaj (and meaningless occasional & gratuitous offers to  ‘contribute to the school’ – that is, to present some Math related stuff to our nammashaale children, which would never materialize in spite of my followup – in retrospect, it is good that Mr. Aaaj did not ‘contribute’ at all! Oh, the horror, the HORROR!) so, Sudha and I once again call up these parents and convey the news most politely. They then asked for another review (in fact another re-review actually) and still, I thought it was fair enough and I promised to talk to Rama and get back them and, I did both. Do you think the story ended there?

Again they were not willing to listen to the reality or to the actual and polite words spoken. They just could not get the context right.

In fact, this attitude of these parents amazes me no end! Too much of random talking and pontification and advising to all and sundry – but very little (if at all!) of actually doing something!  It is just that there are only a few parents with this rather difficult mentalscape –  but believe me, they are enough to drive one insane!  These folks who demand & take a disproportionate amounts of time and energy, and sometimes money too – make one really wonder  about the sanity of running a well-intentioned schooling system. Anyway

… So, instead of looking at the other possible options or even introspection, Mr Aaaj wrote a mail to us in the School, obliquely accusing me of bias and wrongdoing. (mail #1: In which the conversation with Ramjee is alluded to)

…. and soon, Mr Aaaj also calls me up one morning and (c)rudely wakes me up at 6.00 AM on 14th March, 2011 (and I have a recording of it – I could post it as a raw mp3 file, but that will definitely reveal the identity of who Mr Aaaj is – which is not fair, I think) and shouts incoherently, calls me names, rubbishes Rama, rubbishes the school, makes all kinds of accusations of casteism and other allied nonsense!

Hmmm… after a few futile attempts on my part to infuse some sense and after 10 minutes or so of the useless drivel, I did not have the patience to listen to him blather on and on and on any further – and so I slammed the receiver down – I was initially mildly disturbed and shared my bewilderment with my spouse – but then, after some time, was actually  laughing at the folly of it all! A sane headed third person’s points of view helps, after all!!

… I normally do not respond to canards, baseless rumors and motivated slander.

But, I sent a detailed & polite mail (since I have known the whole family of Mr. Aaaj, have gone on an ‘outdoorsy’ trip together, have roamed around SJP road many-a-time to help him with computers etc, have shared a few evenings (& books) discussing random things including his computer problems, given a few DVDs to him which are yet to be returned etc etc *gasp* – and oh, what a waste of time!) and I thought it was only the correct thing to do – and this happened right on the next day – on 15th March, 2011 itself. (mail #2: In which Ramjee tries his best to respond meaningfully, even after he, the school and everything else is slandered by Mr Aaaj)

I left it at that, hoping that the time will heal and make all of us see the light of the day. But alas, some of us folks prefer to dwell in the bleakness and in the recesses of the dark dungeons of our psyches, much like in that Joseph Conrad’s novel – Heart of Darkness (1902).

Hmm…  Some four months roll by – bringing with it a zillion changes, new milieus and fresh mindscapes to many of us – but I surmise, the pointless hate must have brimmed over, and singed the heart of this gent all along – and oh what a waste! It is perhaps high time, this gent ‘grew’ up. And me too!

And so, I suddenly receive a mail, a month back or so (25th of July 2011, to be precise!) from Mr Aaaj, detailing his feelings and blessings etc etc – it also shows my true colours, exposes me for what I am.

I am thankful to Mr Aaaj for all the feedback. (mail #3: In which Ramjee is exposed! Touché!)

Anyway, I thought I will share all these’ publicly’ with only a few name changes – but with all the name-callings intact. Of course the speeling mishtakes, bad grammar are all there in my mails for you folks to chuckle over… Me and my felicity with English, what crap!

Enjoy – or ponder over what is life, what is hate, what is humour, what is sickness and what is What… what??


Post Scriptum: My best wishes to the fine child Anjana. I used to know her personally. I wish her and her brother, the very best of all, including that of their parents.

I also wish the parents  – Mrs and Mr Aaaj – good luck, happiness and peaceful times ahead.

After all, in future, we may even meet again and chuckle about this insignificant fracas and loudly wonder what was wrong with all of us then!

The hope.


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(I will soon edit (anonymize) and publish all the involved email-exchanges)

Updated all links as on 31st Aug, 2011


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  • nithila  On August 31, 2011 at 7:26 am

    I missed the blog 🙂

    • Ramjee Swaminathan  On September 6, 2011 at 11:30 pm

      Did you, O young Nithila! (If you are that Nithila, I mean)

      What are you doing on the Big Bad Web?

      Go away, study well, eat healthy food, read good books, brush your teeth before retiring to bed – and don’t you interfere with & chuckle at the games we silly adults play, will ya?

      I miss nammashaale and all that jazz (rocks?). *sniff*

  • Nithila  On September 7, 2011 at 3:18 am

    I am doing all of those things, well except eating healthy and of course brushing before retiring. And you should know that that it’s impossible for us adolescents to keep away from the BBW or from interfering!! 😉
    NS misses you too Ramjee 🙂

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