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on death: two pointers

Happy new day everyday and all that… 🙂

On to the subject – I have been thinking about this interesting idea of death for a few years now. Oh well. This is to just give the readers of the blog two links and so.


I have not read anything more poignant than this column written by Emily Rapp in NYT, lately.

Please read Notes from a Dragon Mom – and ponder over how fortunate the rest of us are.

Parenting, I’ve come to understand, is about loving my child today. Now. In fact, for any parent, anywhere, that’s all there is.


The second pointer is to that excellent and a very beautifully done up course on death offered for free by the Yale University. You would perhaps require a broadband connection to view the course and enjoy it.


Both links are eminently recommended.

It is true that from the day we are born, the clock starts ticking and that we are designed to move on, from day #1.

Yes, but it is also of course true that we are designed to live our lives to the fullest too. (yes, I just managed to listen to one of  them finest violinists on earth – Yoana Strateva, yesterday live – still baskin’ in the reflected glory! Oh what a magical treat it was! Apparently this Bulgarian lady visited Bangalore in 2008 – and somehow we seem to have missed her.)