outsourcing parents…

I came across this gem of a cartoon at the Right Cogency blog.

It might appear to be hilarious, but it is so true.

As a country that thrives on doing outsourced work, our citizens also have become better and better at outsourcing and its associated service level agreements and small-print criteria. Of course, we parents also have become good at outsourcing the education of our children to the school, when we are not constantly hovering around our wards, while looking for other opportunities to outsource as much as possible of our duties and responsibilities.

And, this reminds me of  an old whiner acquaintance of mine, who was wont to repeat ad nauseam – ‘they say, it takes a village to bring up a child’ – that is as long as he is not part of that village! Luckily, he has become an ex-acquaintance! Oh what a relief.

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  • Sipayi  On September 12, 2012 at 8:29 am

    I totally agree. Parents have assumed that it is the teacher’s job to ‘fix’ any problems their kids have.
    This is not limited to India. I see it in the USA as well. From Bush’s “No child left behind” programme to Obama’s current drive to pay teachers based on the students’ grades we can find numerous proofs of how we have globally mucked up education, in entirety. When we forget the guiding principles of education (“gurur devobhava,” “guru sakshat parabhramha”,) we are heading towards ignorance and darkness.

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