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a retreat – shanti in education

 Amukta, the very clueful and networked educator, has been a good friend of the Nammashaale  team and us, for years…  she has been slogging out for the cause of good, real education – at various levels, for so many years now…  Please sign up for the retreat, if you are so inclined.

From: Amukta Mahapatra <email id redacted>
Subject: Retreat for Educators:shanti in education
Date: Friday, 23 November, 2012, 7:47 PM

To those interested in schools…education…learning…issues around children and young people –

 SchoolScape, Centre for Educators
The Blue Mountains School, Ooty
a retreat – shanti in education for teachers, heads of schools, teacher educators…
The retreat will be held in the school premises in the town of Ooty, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu from Fri 15th to Mon 18th February 2013.
The programme will include anchored discussions and reflection; a picnic, short and long treks in the Nilgiris biosphere.
Please see the Retreat Feb 2013 – Invitation and register as soon as possible, using the format given, as the school having limited space during term time, allows only for a limited number of participants.
The school website is being redesigned and will be up in its new avatar in a few days. Till then, the old one will give you an idea of the school, which was at the forefront of bringing quality education with contemporary pedagogy and practices as far back as 1961, when it was started, by F.G. Pearce and his wife Anasuya along with some of their colleagues, who left Rishi Valley to start a school in the blue mountains (Nilgiris).
I joined The Blue Mountains School in 2011 and have been in the process of rebuilding and reinventing the school, to cherish the principles for which it was started and establish a culture that is democratic; based on an integral way of living and learning.
Please come, if it is possible, for a few days to explore issues, concerns and practices together – so that each of us is refreshed and rejuvenated by the weather of the Nilgiris, by companionship and by conviviality in body, mind and spirit.
Once you register, we will be in touch with you to discuss what you would like to present or offer to the group.
with good wishes and hoping to hear from you soon


This info via, Ramgopal Koneripalli –  who is slogging it out at the CFL, Hyderabad,

a parents’ guide to the montessori classroom

… of course, the Montessori system of education is a fantastic one.

But when a wide-eyed  but earnest wannabe touristy parent lands up at school (armed and dangerous with a ZERO knowledge of what happens in any canonical Montessori system, or for that matter – in any system of education) it is rather difficult to explain things over (and over (and over(and over))) again – what with the regular admin and teaching ‘load’ that one may have the school.

Like what a person who called herself ‘Cribbie Jones’ landed up at the school during the fag end of 2011 – had to say:

Submitted on 2011/12/02 at 9:09 am

Found the school. The lady who showed us around had no idea what syllabus, what teaching method they use. She knew nothing but to take down our details. I had called the school 2 days prior to take an appointment to meet someone who could help us with the most important details of the school. There apparently is a parent co-ordinator but that person wasn’t around. A teacher was loitering around and we thought we would chat with her…and all she could say was…umm..we use the Montessori method and hehe that’s all!! That is all????????

The school is impressive in terms of space and building etc., very nature oriented and comfortable. However there wasn’t even a BOARD to mark the school out. And no one to really help out with information about anything to do with the school. Needs solid work!!!

Sheesh! Obviously Ma’am Cribbie Jones (PBUH) feels that since her highness had landed up to meet the plebians at nammashaale – she has to be attended to, hosannas have to be sent heavenwards, paeans be penned and sung in her praise, a march-past of the police constabulary be given and what not…

Gawking and clueless tourists are a problem anywhere, I agree, but cribbing tourists are a different class altogether. If they happen to be parents and are hunting around for an ‘alternative’ school, they are the worst – believe me! Mommeee!!

But, Ma’am Montessori’s books are turgid in prose and vast in scope – and one cannot read it like the way, say one can easily read Ulysses. So, this would rule out some 100% of the aforesaid parents. So what does one do.

It is at these vexatious times that one wishes, a cutesy little intro book can be given to (read: ‘thrown at’) the essentially clueless and opinionated parent – to give him / her a gist of the ideas.

A Parents’ Guide to the Montessori Classroom by Aline D. Wolf, exactly fills this void.

This tome is eminently recommended, It gives in a simple (but not simplistic) language, how a typical Montessori environment looks like, how children ‘work’ with their materials and what not – all this in circa 60 pages.

How I really wish all the wannabe Montessori parents, read this book – to start with.

So, Ma’am Jones, please read up and do your homework. Canonical Montessori classrooms are the same, all over the world.

Rest of the parents, please don’t even to try to keep up with these Joneses.

Thanks. 😎

millets mela • 13-15 april • lalbagh@bengaluru

Dear all,

With reference to the above we are pleased to invite you for the” MILLETS MELA” to be held at LAL BAGH, in Banglore from 13th April to 15th April. The details are mentioned in the invitation attached. Please make it convenient  to attend with your family and friends and enjoy millets.

Looking forward to meeting you at the Mela.

In solidarity for Millets!




13 – 15 April 2012
10.00 am – 7.30 pm

Dr. Marigowda Memorial Auditorium,
Near Nursery Men’s Cooperative Society
Behind JKS Mall, LALBAGH – Bangalore
(M) 9738449133, 9481438384

Why this Mela ?

Did you know that India is home to diverse types of millets & the largest producer of millets in the world?
India, with over 60 million diabetic people, leads the world with the largest population of Diabetics – while we are bothered by the soaring medical bills and social trauma, we are yet to recognize the power of millets to manage diabetes and other chronic diseases.
You can discover more about the health benefits of millets in the mela – here is an opportunity as u can interact with experts and also the people who have benefitted with millets for their health problems – from gestational diabetes, Cardio vascular diseases, Fibromyalgia, Back Pains & the list goes on…

Come to know how Millets can help you , your family & friends

Experience all the Millets – Jola , Sajje, Raagi , Navane,  Saame,  Haaraka,  Baragu, Oodara

Learn to cook delicious & healthy Millet receipes from experts

Eat amazing Dishes & Sweets at the exclusive Millets Food Court

Interact with Millets Nutrition, Processing Technology & Cultivation Experts

Understand why Millets are missing from our mainstream

Relate to the history of these robust grains

Buy Millets regularly

homoeopathy, homoeopathni – workshop at navadarshanam

If it had been some 30 years into the past, I would have scoffed and snorted at the ideas of louis hay, steiner, carl jung, homoeopathy and gandhi – not to mention a gazillion other luminaries and thinkers – who could be easily shotdown using quarter-backed ideas of science aided by an incredible lack of ‘life experience’ and an youthful unrest.

But, these days (consider this ‘new age’ or ‘old age’ mumbo jumbo, if you want to), I don’t dismiss anything with a left hand. Why, now I am even armed and dangerous with a resident Homeopathni – and yes, am trapped in the classic triad of – pathi, pathni and woe. Ha Haa.

This is an announcement from navadarshanam about a oneday workshop to be conducted by my dear Prof RR – on Jan 26th, 2011. Please sign up, if you want to listen to good folks talking about good things – in a beautiful setting.

Navadarshanam Trust

announces a one-day experimental workshop on


from 9.30 am to 4 pm

on Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Features of the workshop in brief:

  • A basic introduction to homoeopathy: origins, principles, Law of Cure, homoeopathic medicines, etc.
  • Workshop anchored by R.Rajagopalan.
  • Lunch and tea included.
  • Number of participants limited to 30.

What is the context and the objective?

One of the areas of experiment at Navadarshanam has been health and food. Friends of Navadarshanam are aware of our healthier food products, cookery workshops, fasting retreats, and the tasty and healthy food served in our kitchen. We are also concerned at the direction that modern medicine is taking in India: high costs of hospital care and medicines, overspecialization, entry of insurance, etc.

In 2011, we propose to conduct a few experimental workshops and discussions on health, wellness, disease, food as well as alternative medicine to explore questions such as:

  • What is disease and where does it come from?
  • What is meant by being ‘healthy’?
  • What is the basis of modern medicine as well as alternative medicine and how can we compare them?
  • How can we understand different systems of alternative medicine and the place of each in curing illness?
  • How do we make a choice among the systems in a given case at a given time?

Our objective is not to promote any particular system of medicine, but to share the information we have on different systems. It is to enable the participants to explore the topic further and to make informed decisions while choosing a system or even a doctor. The workshop on homoeopathy is the first in our series.

Who will present the workshop on homoeopathy?

While T.S.Ananthu will give an introduction, R.Rajagopalan will be the main presenter. They are not homoeopaths, but they have an abiding interest in alternative medicine and are long-time users of homoeopathy.

What will the workshop cover?

The workshop will attempt to answer questions such as:

  • Who founded homoeopathy, when, and how?
  • How did homoeopathy develop and how did it take such firm roots in India?
  • Where does homoeopathy fit in the larger context of alternative medicine?
  • What are basic principles of homoeopathy and what is the homoeopathic Law of Cure?
  • What are the sources of homoeopathic medicines and how are they made? Why do all the medicines look and taste alike?
  • Why is homoeopathy often denounced as quackery or just an example of the placebo effect?
  • How does a homoeopath go about prescribing medicines?
  • Do we know how homoeopathy works?
  • How is the practice of homoeopathy regulated in India?
  • Is self-medication possible?

What will the workshop not cover?

The workshop will not make you an instant expert on homoeopathy. No prescriptions will be suggested for the ailments of any of the participants.

Can one bring one’s family along as a holiday outing?

Only registered participants are welcome on January 26, 2011. There will be no general, open meeting of the study circle on this Republic Day. Please bring your families on another occasion, after giving us advance notice.

What is the fee for the workshop?

There is no specified fee for the workshop. Participants are invited to make contributions in tune with their capacity and inclination at the end of the workshop. Navadarshanam depends on donations and has no funding from outside.

How does one register for the workshop?

Please register in advance since we can accommodate only 30 participants due to limitations of meeting space and kitchen. Please send the following information by email to before January 10, 2011:

Name, address, telephone numbers

Email id

Age and gender

Current occupation

Expectations from the workshop

Please come to the workshop only if your application is accepted. If the response is heavy, we will repeat the workshop soon.


Phone: 92436 05051

94488 49591 (mobile)

T.S. AnanthuGopalan- Shobha


Rajagopalan Malathi

Navadarshanam Trust, Ganganahally hamlet,

Gumalapuram Village, Thally block,

Krishnagiri Dist, Tamil Nadu 635118

Ph: 92436-15470 (Gopalan & Shobha),

92436-05053 (Ananthu), 92434-35467(Ananthu’s mobile),

92430-49163 (Nagarajan’s mobile)


While grahasthashram and ‘teaching’ catch up with me, the NammaShaale blog will relentlessly march towards the completion of an eventless first year(0r final year as the case may be).

So far, I have sent out 6  invitations (and wordpress requests, and 4 repeat requests) for other parents to join, participate and contribute – but alas (0r hurrah!, as the case may be) not a single one has responded. This, in spite of the fact that some parents actually evinced (winced?) some keen interest and asked for blog permissions / accounts!

To make sure that wordpress and gmail are indeed NOT blocking the invitations, I sent  a couple to myself and duh, I got them pronto. So, as Curzio Malaparte had titled his novel, it is Kaputt.

Another interesting thing is that, the blog is actually read by more people from outside the intended audience (the parent community of NammaShaale) – possibly because of the random issues dealt with in this blog.  So it does not matter if the others do not get to read the posts – better blug next time!

On Dec 17th, 2009 – I would plan to stop the blogging in one way or the other – not because I am tired or something, but because if I want to rant, I can always do that elsewhere.

In the meantime, if at all anyone is interested in taking over the blog, he/she/it can contact me – off blog.

and, the school takes a break…

Yes. Nammashaale’s last day of the first term of the current academic year, just got over the day before…  *phew*

It was an eventful term – there were so many interesting things that happened – many of them having not been recorded either here on the blog or elsewhere..

Like the visits to lakeshores for bird watching, to watch flowers, to the Vishvesvarayya Industrial museum, the one to the International roaming ‘water’ film festival, book reading sessions in orchards/groves – were never captured in the blog  – there have been many more – but no point raking my pigeon brain.

There have been school visits of folks of the likes of Retired Justice Venkatachalaiah (the famous Lok Ayuktha, the scourge of those ‘possessing assets disproportionate to their known sources of income’  – no, not for any raid! mommieeee!!) to a few Montessori teachers from London (surprisingly all of  ’em, young males!) to fellows from Anweshana Montessori house of children…

The grand n lane highway to the Bangalore Internotional Airport is getting widened with a vengeance – and we watched with numbed senses as carcasses of giant raintrees, honge, neem and  tamarind trees got piled up along side the road. A swath of land from the school has been acquired for this widening business, but luckily, we have enough tree cover – so the damage to NammaShaale has been minimal, but there is this lingering sadness, or may be it is plain impotence…

With the relentless and inexorable ‘onward ho!’ march of ‘development,’ literally many fall by the wayside. But, enjoying the fruits of the so called development, may be I can’t really complain. People living in glass houses, remember? That’s the discrete charm of the bourgeoise, as Luis Buñuel would have loved to say!

The erdkinder (senior, 10th standard exam facing group) are steadily marching towards their exit – their mantra of learning and working being: coupez la difficulte en quatre. The other erdkinder are engaged in various activities. Am sure they would love this break too!

Hopefully, early October, the erdkinder will start their weekday stays at the school, as their ‘prepared’ environment is getting prepared; let us see.

The school is seriously considering sports activities and thanks to the enthusiasm of  Jaikumar (a NammaShaale father), we are discussing with a consultant. Subject to an array of interplaying-axes of things such as logistics, infrastructure requirement, the necessity to accommodate sports within a tight schedule and within an otherwise complete Montessori environment that we have in NammaShaale and of course ‘funds’ – we would hopefully be able to  take a decision soon on this. As of now, we are leaving this open – way too many things to handle and ponder over, here. Hear, hear.

 One of the adults in the elementary environment – young Sudha Varadarajan is moving on. I am sure her sweetness combined with professionalism will be missed – not to mention the occasional palghat (nee palakkad) delicacies that she was prudent enough to bring, to appease the wagging, ravenous tongues of her colleagues, but then…(I may be generalizing based on a sample size of one or less, but what the heck!)

We wish her all the very best for her, her husband’s and their child’s endeavors; may she get back to Nammashaale at some point of time in the (not too distant) future.

However, with the grande dame  Rama herself at the helm of affairs in the elementary environment, and other illustrious adults around, it will continue to be a smooth sail for the children. But then, what will I do for my Avial?

As usual,  the end of the term saw to it that complete exhaustion started creeping in… Most of us are taking a week off and, during the holiday-break, some of us are:

  • taking a break
  • are planning to go broke
  • are breaking even
  • breaking apart
  • broken up
  • breaking down
  • breaking away
  • breaking a new ground
  • getting a break
  • breaking ourselves in…

ha ha! gotta apply brakes, NOW!

Parents, we would ‘see’ your kids on 29th September, 2009! Happy holiday break!

cooking the navadarshanam way…

Details of the training programme at Navadarshanam is pasted hereunder – feel free to contact them, if interrested.



is happy to announce a


centred on




This Program will offer the participants an opportunity to understand the different ways in which healthy yet tasty food is being prepared at Navadarshanam. It will also give them a chance to take part in such cooking rehearsals. Shoba Gopalan will lead the team from Navadarshanam in the instructions and guidance of the actual cooking processes involved. T.S.Ananthu will explain the theory behind the classification of foods and cooking methods that forms the backdrop of these health food ideas. Partap Aggarwal will explain the role fasting can play in making feasting enjoyable.

 Dates:  Program will start at 4 pm on Monday October 5th, 2009, and end at 3 pm on Thursday October 8th. It is a fully residential program.

 Venue: Navadarshananam Trust, Ganganahally hamlet, Gumalapuram village.

 Accommodation: Shared rooms in the various buildings at Navadarshanam.

 Participation: Full-time participation for the entire duration of the program, is a must. No children or non-participating family members allowed. It will be good if participants can eschew the temptation to bring their laptops and mobiles with them.

 Course Material: A small cook-book containing different recipes being tried out at Navadarshanam will be provided to each participant, in addition to notes on the theory of health foods as well as fasting.

 Fees: Rs. 3,000 inclusive of accommodation, food and all course materials. Can be waived in case of participants from low-income backgrounds. Payment may be sent electronically to:

 Navadarshanam Trust Savings A/c No 30523191101, State Bank of India, Jayanagar II Block Branch, Bangalore, IFSC Code: SBIN0003286 

How to apply: Please send an email to giving details about yourself and why you feel interested in enrolling for this program.



updates, more updates

Quite a few things have happened in the past couple of months – this is just a quick update.

*** During the closing fortnight – end march, 2009 – NammaShaale had a gala evening event, in which, surprisingly gazillion parents also participated. Manjunath, the TheatreWallah’s wards – which means almost the entire school, held us in awe with their theatrical histrionics and improvisations – while the one man band called Manjunath was busy providing the background music – with flute, ganjira, dholak and what not. The erdkinder gave us a sample of what ‘playback theatre’ is. Very shweet, Manjunath.  (We are happy that this gent is back with a bang, again for the current academic year too  – so we can look forward to having more nice performances by our school children and adults!)

‘Artclass Aunty’ AKA Smt Subhadramma had an exhibition stall in which some zillion artistic outpourings of the children were displayed. There was some healhier food that was ‘on the house’ such as tender coconut and great food from my bete noire – Kanti Sweets.

All staff were honoured – including the dabblers like me – and most of course became richer by a tonne of dry fruits and nuts. My only complaint is that my packet had more than its share of nuts. I vaguely suspect that it is indicative of something, but then I need to think about it, instead of blogging.

Sorry, no photos of the event- as I haven’t got any.

All good things came to an end – but for erdkinder, who had 1 more month (the whole of May) of catching up with their, um, breath?

*** The erdkinder building is inching along towards the finish, and it will take a few more months, before the erdkinder begin their ‘school stay’ and all that.

*** The teachers (‘adults’) continued to work during most of the holidays – planning and implementing. And most of  us made use of our holidays of nearly a month – by doing important things such as falling ill and recovering.

*** The school should have reopened on 3rd June but could begin operations only from 9th, as due to heavy gusts of wind, some tiles from the buildings literally flew off, making the school buildings look like giant observatories, sans the telescopes, of course. It all got repaired and NammaShaale is once again a safe environment.

*** The elementary section now boasts of a very good library rack system – pregnant with books of all kinds. NammaShaale feels that, this would make it easier for the children to access books and keep them back. (Special mention should be made of the erdkinder  – who sanded, polished, primered and painted ALL the racks! Am told that they worked till 10 PM for at least 3 days. Arbeit macht frei, what else.)

*** The children seem to have settled into their routines of work and pleasure (is there a difference like this in a normalized child?) rather easily and hopefully all of them will have a productive year ahead.

*** In the first week itself, the elementary children seem to have visited the Laalbagh to check out some new things that have happened, but I will eventually get around to investigating it and reporting thence…

*** Some parents are working on bringing in sports coaches and in drawing up guidelines for the food, celebration and sundry departments. In the next few weeks, we would see the result of their efforts, hopefully.

*** There are a few new ‘little’ faces in the primary environment, adding to the magic of the environment. As it happens, a few children have left NammaShaale too – we wish them and their parents, good tidings as ever.

*** Namrata, the hindi lady has moved on,  we wish her good luck in whatever she wants to do; and young Mercy has joined the NammaShaale team – she has had good many years of experience in the Montessori environment and is a mother of two children. She is not only good in Hindi, but also at propagating it, among other things. Children are happy with her too. We wish her a great time.

*** A little turtle has joined the NammaShaale pond. Children tell me that his name is Chottu Bheem or something – this sounds suspiciously like a cartoon character, am yet to check. (the turtle looks real)

’nuff said.

Binayak Sen

Internet as a medium, certainly helps in information sharing, and sometimes this sharing business could be critical. I only wish this world-wide-web existed during the times and tribulations of the organizers of the likes of Shankar Guha Niyogi.  Probably this could have helped Shankar – at least to the extent that he may not have been murdered… Thinking of it, all I did after I heard of his murder (in 1991) was to write an emotionally charged and looong obituary in a ‘little’ Tamil journal.

I don’t want to be an active armed-chair member of that brigade of ‘Ratan Tata is killing turtles, send him an email and spam him continuously so that he gives up his idea’ that abounds these days. Nor do I want to be an active human rights advocate – a rant against these types (some of them are of course genuine) can be found here – foreign aid (for NGOs) considered harmful – which you read at your peril.

But, this is about Dr Binayak Sen – who happens to be one fine fellow, caught between the ruthless armed thugs, some of whom call themselves naxalites and a vengeful/unfeeling administrative mechanism. Hope he doesn’t fall by the wayside.

I have reproduced verbatim, a plea from V R Krishna Iyer, that was published by ‘The Hindu.’ The objective of this post is to make us think about the issue and not to send a mail to a Ratan Tata or to the Chattisgarh State Government.

I fervently wish Dr Sen gets back to his constructive work soon.

Krishna Iyer’s plea on behalf of Binayak Sen

The text of a letter written by Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, former Supreme Court Judge, to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, dated April 17, 2009:

 I would like to bring to your attention a case of grave injustice which is a cause of much shame to Indian democracy: that of Dr. Binayak Sen, the well known paediatrician and defender of human rights.

This good doctor has been incarcerated in a Raipur jail for nearly two years now under the Chhattisgarh State Public Security Act, 2005. Among the charges against Dr. Sen, who is renowned worldwide for his public health work among the rural poor, are “treason and waging war against the state.”

Chhattisgarh State prosecutors claim that Binayak, as part of an unproven conspiracy, passed on a set of letters from Narayan Sanyal, a senior Maoist leader who is in the Raipur jail, to Piyush Guha, a local businessman with allegedly close links to the left-wing extremists. He was supposed to have done this while visiting Sanyal in prison both in his capacity as a human rights activist and as a doctor treating him for various medical ailments.

The trial of Dr. Sen, which began in a Raipur Sessions Court late April 2008, has, however, not thrown up even a shred of evidence to justify any of these charges against him. By March 2009, of the 83 witnesses listed for deposition by the prosecution as part of the original charge-sheet, 16 were dropped by the prosecutors themselves and six declared ‘hostile’, while 61 others have deposed without corroborating any of the accusations against Dr. Sen. Irrespective of the merits of the case against Dr. Sen, there are very disturbing aspects to the way the trial process has been carried out so far.

As if all this were not enough, Dr. Sen has also been repeatedly denied bail by the Bilaspur High Court (in September 2007 and December 2008). And the Supreme Court of India rejected his special leave petition to have the bail application heard before it (in December 2007).

Given the paucity of evidence in the trial of Dr. Sen so far, in all fairness the Raipur court should have dismissed the case against him altogether by now. Certainly the weakness of the prosecution’s position should entitle him to at least grant of bail. Dr. Sen is a person of international standing and reputation, with a record of impeccable behaviour throughout his distinguished career. In May 2008, in an unprecedented move 22 Nobel Prize winners even signed a public statement calling him a ‘professional colleague’ and asking for his release.

Normally bail is refused only in cases where courts believe an accused can tamper with evidence, prejudice witnesses or run away. In Dr. Sen’s case none of these apply, as shown by the simple fact that at the time of his arrest he chose to come to the Chhattisgarh police voluntarily and made no attempt to abscond despite knowing about his possible detention.

Today Dr. Sen, a diabetic who is also hypertensive, is himself in urgent need of medical treatment for his deteriorating heart condition. In recent weeks his health has worsened and a doctor appointed by the court to examine him recommended that he be transferred to Vellore for an angiography and perhaps, if needed, an angioplasty or coronary artery bypass graft without further delay.

Instead of recognising their social contributions, the Indian state, by wrongly branding Dr. Sen and many other human rights defenders like him as ‘terrorists’, is making a complete mockery of not just democratic norms and fair governance but its entire anti-terrorist strategy and operations.

The repeated denial of bail which results in ‘punishment by trial’ constitutes an even graver threat to Indian society. The sheer injustice involved will only breed cynicism among ordinary citizens about the credibility and efficacy of Indian democracy itself.

The above article off:

navadarshanam: art retreat

The following is the text of an announcement from Navadarshanam; the folks are good, the trainer is good (yeah, the same person who brought the pattachitra artists to various schools in Bangalore, including NammaShaale).
Please feel free to signup and/or contact nd / Nalini for more details.
— begin —


Is happy to announce an


Dialogue with nature

Venue: Navadarshanam campus, Ganganahally hamlet, Gumalapuram village, Thally block, Krishnagiri dist, TN 635118.

Start of retreat: 6 pm on Monday, May 4th, 2009

End of retreat: 4 pm on Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Purpose of retreat: to see and feel the visual poetry of earth- in solitude, in silence and then to find your own expressions with lines, colours, textures, forms and designs. This will be the nature of the three day retreat. It is a process to sensitize and become aware  of various forms and their character.

The process of Art enhances the sense of observation and ‘ways of seeing’, apart from making oneself aware of one’s relationship to the world at large. It nurtures   one to become sensitive to their  own relationship and responses to the environment. The programme is set upon a self exploratory journey of aesthetics and beauty and ways of expression.

Program facilitator: Ms. Nalini Jayaram. Nalini is a freelance artist who is exploring Art’s relation to life and nature .She is also interested in traditional and rural crafts and works with artisans.Periodically she travels to the villages in Kanyakumari and helps an NGO which promotes revival of  Palmyra Craft. She is deeply interested in music, poetry,photography and an ardent nature lover! As an art educator ,she has been holding credit course in  Art appreciation for college student for students and art classes for students with learning disabilities.
She can be contacted at this number: 9448375405

Daily Schedule:

9.30 am to noon —– sketching,  Painting/ listening to music

Noon to 2:30 pm—– Lunch and rest

2.30 pm- 4.30 pm—— Pottery

4:30 pm -5 pm ——-Tea Break

5 pm to 6:30 pm——Walk, communion with nature                  

7 pm to 7:30 pm ——-Dinner

7:30 to 8:30pm ——-Community music and interaction

Course fee: Rs.2,000 per head. Relaxable in the case of those who come from economically weak backgrounds.

 Program materials: All materials will be provided, cost has been included in fees.

 Eligibility: Anyone above 15 years, with deep interest in art for art’s sake.

 Queries: For any questions concerning the program content, please feel free to phone the program facilitator Nalini. For any questions relating to stay and food arrangements, please phone Shobha on ph 92436-15470.

 How to enroll: Those wishing to enroll for this Retreat should send an application along with a cheque for Rs.2,000 payable to ‘Navadarshanam Trust’ at the following address:

 Navadarshanam Trust, A4-Whitefield Ville, 53, ECC Road, Whitefield, Bangalore 560066.

 Alternatively, the remittance may be made electronically to:

 Navadarshanam Trust, Savings A/c No 30523191101, State Bank of India, Jayanagar II Block Branch, Bangalore, IFSC Code: SBIN0003286

Please do send us an intimation at once you have sent the remittance.

— end —