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This page is a place holder to bunch together all relavant posts / links – in a subject-wise order – and in a sequence in which they can be read to derive maximum benefit/amusement.

Please take your time to explore this area, reflect, be happy! And if you have any opinion at all, please feel free to post.

  1. mAss media swine, paranoia in times of flu…
  2. swine flu posts: a claimer – or a disclaimer!
  3. anatomy of any illness (swine flu, for example)
  4. swine flu: debunking the pandemic (hic)
  5. virus, infections, swine flu etc – FAQ/basics
  6. swine flu – avoiding, getting used to – faq
  7. Swine Flu: Tamiflu myths & disinformation
  8. swine flu rumour-mongering: some hot tips
  9. N0H0P3 Idiot Flu Virus Pandemic (HOT, HOT!)
  10. Minimal & Effective FAQ: chikungunya, dengue fever…


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