how to reach nammashaale

So, you want to visit and ‘see’ nammashaale. Dig around in this blog, you have lots of information, in fact more than you can handle – about nammashaale. Then, call up the school number before making plans. You can search for the number in this blog. Of course, you are expected to be resourceful.

If you are from some place other than Bangalore, you can always NOT choose to go to Bangalore. There are enough reasons for this. Most important of these would be the notion of carbon footprint. And in any case, there are good schools all over the world. Seriously. You can even consider home schooling. Really.

If you are from Bangalore, then just think about it again. There are also other good schools in Bangalore. Check them out too. Do not be in a hurry.  Check out all the articles in FAQs on education.

So, you think you are not in a hurry and feel that you very well do not need any free condescending advice from a ghastly blogger… hmm. Please go away from this page. Get a life! grrr

So, you insist on visiting the school. If not, you would have long back clicked away from this page in haste.

Considering how far nammashaale is from the heart of the city (it is in the outskirts, in fact, very near the hemline of it), there are a gazillion buses that ply on the road, just off the school. There are these ‘Big10 G-11’ buses that ply practically every 20 minutes or so from the Indian Express circle in ‘Arnaald Shivajinagar’ of California, of course – to Bagalur! There are also buses from ‘Majestic,’ ‘KR Market,’ and ‘Arnaald Shivajinagar’ that go to Bagalur – and from all these buses, you should get down at the ‘Nagenahalli Cross’ bus stop; the school is located at about 15 metres from this bus stop… There is even a bus route ‘280F’ that plies every hour on this road – from Hosakote and Yelahanka that could be convenient.

The moral of the above paragraph is that, you can very easily avoid commuting by your cute personal pollutant – Mercenarydes S Class or Toyota Inferno or Hyundai Horrendo or whatever, at least this time. Ha. And, as a bonus, you won’t miss the bus too, eh?

Sound. Horn. Okay. Please. Stop.

Now, for the driving directions: (finally!)

You know the general drift of the Outer Ring Road. You know the North to East arc of that Road around Bangalore, that goes from Hebbal Junction (due north of Bangalore city) to KR Puram (undue east of the city) junction. At around the midpoint of this illustrious road is this ‘Hennur Depot’ bus stop, a prominent place. At this junction, you turn away from the city. This is called ‘Hennur-Bagalur Road.’ This is also being called ‘International Airport Link Road’ lately. The school is about 6.5 to 7 KMs (Everything depends on how good your milometre is rigged) from the junction – it is one smooth, curvy, but a major road with a lot of greenery, in spite of all the development.

On the way to the school on the road from the Hennur Depot / Outer ring road junction, you would pass by the following in that order, as you proceed towards Bagalur: Reliance Fresh on your left, ‘Jain Depths’ apartments on the right, Hennur police station on your left, Hennur Bande(quarry) bus stop, a lonely railway line over your head, ‘Mantri Plunder’ apartments to your left, A host(age) of schools to your left and right, Narayanapura Cross, Byrathi Cross (at this point you would be a good 4.3 KMs from the Hennur junction), Kothanur village, Doddagubbi Cross, Biozeen group compound on your left, South Asian Bible (actually there is only King James version that I know of! May be the Vatican has mandated localized and internationalized Bibles or what??) college on your left, Poornaprajna school on the left, Byrathi Bande bus stop, Gokuldham to your left. Right after the Gokuldhama there is a narrow road to the left. There is a red (um, unread) board for the ‘Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology ‘ at this junction. This junction is also called ‘Nagenahalli Cross’ bus stop. But, don’t turn here! After this T junction (sometimes there is a mobile T shop here, just in case), the second compound wall is that of nammashaale. The mangalore tiled buildings (many of them are irregular polygons with more than 6 sides) are a giveaway. As of now, opposite the school premises there are incipient mango groves. Welcome.

But, if you see a ‘Faran School of Nursing’ you have just gone beyond the school. If you see Kannur Village, then you are a good 1 KM away from school. And, you are just a few KMs from Bagalur and some 28 KMs from the Devenahalli airport. Now, you should take a flight that goes out of Bangalore, immediately.

Seriously. At this point, you should think twice about going back to nammashaale. It is obvious that you can’t follow even simple instructions. Go get a life. grrr

Psst. Am thinking… May be your child deserves a better parent?

PS: Arnold Schwarzenegger (hope I spelt his name right) was fondly referred to as Arnaald Shivajinagar by many of my cute acquaintances during my wasted days at South Bangalore, more than a decade back.



  • Trisha Chakraborty  On October 28, 2010 at 9:07 am


    I am an educator, working in The Heritage School, Rohini, Delhi. It is a school that has made a huge difference in the life of learners and teachers. Being a part of the school, my general tendency is to learn more, for my self as well as for my fellow people.
    Just few days back got to know about the school Nammashaale from Partho who is conducting many workshops in last many months with our schools.
    Got excited to be a part of your school for few days, to learn the practices that you have over there.
    I am already coming to Bangalore, for a visit to CFL from 24th to 26th Nov. Would like for a two days visit to your school on 22nd -23rd Nov, if that is possible for you.(yes, I am aware and responsible for C-footprint)
    Looking forward to a positive response.


  • bksheshadri  On February 5, 2012 at 11:03 pm

    Dear Sir
    I require the email address to post a circular

  • bksheshadri  On February 5, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    I require the EMail ID of Namma Shaale to post a Circular for the Workshop of Scouters and Guiders on 10th February 2012
    District Secretary
    Bharat Scouts and Guides
    Bangalore North

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