who am i? what is this??

Please read: who are we? what is this?? – to get to know some background with which the blog started circa december, 2008.

Subsequently I paused for a while. Read namaskaara, adieu, auf wiedersehen, so long… for all the gory details.

Done? Then, read on…

But there have been a few persistent (and some not really so) requests for the restarting of it. It so happens that (oh, what a coincidence!) I also love quick jottings and making notes of / on life – off and on, so what the heck…

But no more pretensions. This web log is exclusively mine. It does not represent the school. It does not reflect the views of the parents. Hell, sometimes it would not even reflect the views of mine. It may instead, capture the moods and ideas of a person, the others call Ramjee. Or it may not. When it does, it is likely to be a series of myths and legends. (read Borges and I for a little bit more clarity)

So Ramjee will write when he is pleased and on what he is pleased / supremely displeased with. Hope he will keep it up (or down) depending on your perspective. He won’t anymore feel ‘obliged’ to write about all things happening at the school – anyway, if he were to do that, it will be a fulltime occupation.

So who is this man (or, is this a man?)? Do you really, really think it really matters? Okay.  He merely happens to be an adult ( among many others) in nammashaale. He apparently loves (among others) to pontificate (among others), period.

One more thing: Apparently the ‘powers that be’ in  nammashaale montessori house of children in bangalore, do not seem to have any problem in allowing him to use the name for the blog, on condition  that he continues to be irresponsible and endlessly curmudgeonly. (um, not really)

So, alea jacta est.


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