who are we? what is this??

This is a weblog setup by a few parents of children that go to Namma Shaale, a Montessori house of children – operating out of Kannur Village, on the outskirts of the city of Bangalore, India.

The content here is likely to be a series of records of some of our interactions with the children, our own limited perspectives on education, media reviews/recommendations and a few fun experiments & events conducted at Namma Shaale.

Needless to say, the musings here have to be taken in the right perspective of a few people’s view of the universe, with their own quirks and moments of exhilerations and random thoughts.

The school (Namma Shaale) or its management cannot be blamed for our doings on the web, obviously. But, may be we would rather begrudgingly allow them to take credit, if accidentally a noteworthy or a creditable thing or two happen here (in this blog, that is). So please don’t blame us either! We actually mean to have fun.

That said, feel free to share your thoughts on ‘education’ and our posts, as long as they are useful and relevant – even if you are not involved at any level with Namma Shaale.

Feedback and feedforward are always welcome.



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